Mercury & Full Moon in Aries – Sep 23/24


At 12:46pm (EDST) on Sunday Mercury at 2:47 Libra Squares Saturn at 2:47 Capricorn.

Now this is some words that may stop you in your tracks or while you are relating to someone. Careful words as Mercury makes his Closing Square to the ruler of Karma. Though since Saturn is still Trine to Uranus this is not so tough. You may not even notice it really as Saturn has been sitting at 2+ degrees for several weeks now.

At 9:29pm Mercury at 3:26 Libra Trines Mars at 3:26 Aquarius.

Some motivation to relate and circulate. All actions and words are GO! Put it out there and see who pops up to answer your call. Nice easy energy for building some ability to relate with groups of people as well.

At 11:02am on Monday Mercury at 4:26 Libra Sextiles the North Node at 4:26 Leo.

Creative, easy, romantic relating. Or discussions with children is favored. You may be expressing something about the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred Jul 27 at 4:45 Leo. The Nodes have been sitting at this degree for weeks so there is something here that needs saying.

At 3:09pm the Sun at 1:41 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 1:41 Taurus.

Mercury made this aspect on Saturday night and now the Sun is bringing some clarity to any unexpected relating or communication you had at that time.

At 10:52pm he Moon at 2:00 Aries Opposes the Sun at 2:00 Libra creating the Full Moon in Aries.

It is time to initiate action in the area of your life where you have 2+ Aries by House. But it is also a chance to see how you FEEL about a relating-ship that you have initiated or started recently. You can also see if you are achieving some balance in your life between you and friends or you and a significant other.

Full Moon Chart



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