Mercury Square Pluto & Jul 12 Eclipse – Oct 2-5

The next few days offer tremendous insight into some recent events. Pay close attention all you hear, say and feel.

At 7:55pm (EDST) on Tuesday Mercury at 18:45 Libra Squares Pluto at 18:45 Capricorn.

This is the first aspect made to Pluto since he Stationed Direct on Sunday evening. You may have already noticed the forward momentum, though still stopped in his tracks, his forward face seems to be increasing the intensity of his power. As Mercury Squares him there is bound to be friction coming from things that are spoken or planned. Pluto represents ‘the powers that be’ at the moment and some authority type is likely to have the last say and you may not like it one bit! While you are parsing your words with Mercury in Libra, it will still rub the Pluto type the wrong way. Remember not to antagonize, simply make a mental note. You could be Pluto to yourself as well if you are feeling a lack of personal power to do what you want to.

At 7:55pm on Wednesday night Mercury at 20:23 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 14:23 Pisces.

Here we have the magical side of our diplomatic words and things going just the way we had hoped. Mercury is not, however, clear of Pluto’s energies just yet as he applies to Square the Jul 12 Eclipse degree where Pluto played a starring role as the ‘Opponent’ in Opposition to our relating-ship plans around mom, home, family and land. But this magic to Neptune will allow us to find the words to keep Pluto from overstepping or trampling our plans entirely. Pluto is showing your repressed thoughts and ideas, the shadow side that you don’t really let out due to fear. But Pluto is bringing them out and you don’t need to take it as though it is someone other than yourself showing through. Neptune can help you to see this interaction clearly and to navigate the situation effortlessly.

Mercury made a Quincunx (adjustment) to Neptune on Sunday morning and with that adjustment made we now have the effortless words to create our wishes.

This aspect is also Part 1 of a rolling 5D/magical Hand of Merlin Mercury is making to the 2 Karmic Planets: Saturn and Neptune.

At 9:36pm the Sun at 10:47 Libra Semi-Sextiles Venus at 10:47 Scorpio.

A minor aspect but this clarity will help to show us what our desires are that will soon be revised during Venus’ 40 Retrograde cycle. I will write more about this very soon! Our goals for relating-ships is part of what will be revised as she Conjuncts the Sun during her Rx cycle on Oct 26 at 3:07 Scorpio.

At 12:55am on Thursday Mercury at 20:44 Libra Squares the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse degree of 20:44 Cancer.

Now we have some very clear words that express what that Eclipse was all about. If you find you are arguing again with your Pluto entity, then just realize what is going on. The purpose of Pluto Opposite the Solar Eclipse is to get you to take back your personal power and not to be afraid of misused authority.

At 7:32am Mercury at 21:11 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 3:11 Capricorn.

This is the Closing Quintile of the current Mercury/Saturn cycle. See the cycle chart below to follow a bit of what has been going on with you regarding new career structures, social status, or authority. From the Sign of Libra, the effortless words you express this morning will serve your relationships well as you have both the Karmic Planets in 5D support. It could be a friend will help you with your career goals and something to do with your daily activities as Pisces is Opposite Virgo. There could be a hidden aspect to what they do to help you as well. Depending on the Houses where you have these Planets Transiting will determine WHO and WHAT gets a magical boost.


At 9:39am on Friday Mercury at 22:57 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 22:57 Scorpio.

At this point, Mercury has checked in with all of the Outer Planets but Uranus. He has been expressing many facets of your life and relating-ships. Now he has the assistance of seeing the bigger picture around money he shares and intimacy as well as just relating. There could be a foreigner involved, a senior or other mentor helping you secure the resources you need to move forward with your plans. Be honest, be transparent and there could be some nice help that you secure to get you where you want to go with those career objectives.

At 3:05pm Venus at 10:50 Scorpio Stations Retrograde.

We are in for some intense (Scorpio) revision of our desires (Venus) around relating (Libra as Venus will spend part of this cycle there) and intimacy and shared resources (Scorpio).

During this Rx cycle, Venus has been Squaring Mars (not great for relating between the sexes) and Opposing Uranus (unexpected desires) so there is lot of balls in the air for this review.

I will be writing more about this cycle in the next few days. If you are particularly concerned about what is going on, a Reading would be most helpful to know how to navigate these changing waters of your desires.



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