5D Venus Retrograde – Oct 5

Planet Venus, ruler of women or our feminine side, love, relationships/relating-ships, beauty, earned income or our ‘wealth’ or available resources, our self-esteem and our values, Stations Retrograde on Friday, Oct 5 at 3:05pm (EDST).

Venus, whose Retrograde cycles create a 5-petal flower (or 5D Star) in the heavens as she orbits the Sun, shows the ways and whys of how we love. Yes, the Karmic Planets bring us the timing of ‘returns’ by our Soulmates and other Karmic partners in our lives, but Venus works her inner magic to bring us many types of ‘lessons’ and ‘expressions’ of love.


Every 8 years and 5 Venus cycles our Cosmic girl comes back to the same area of the chart bringing us more chances to experience nearly the same energy.

Called the Morning Star or the Evening Star based on the way her Retrograde cycle works, she is a prominent player in the scheme of things. Compelling as any good soap opera, Venus brings out the ‘amore’ side of our reality. Venus IS love: unrequited, reciprocated, lop-sided or universal, LOVE.

Like any compelling Soap Opera, Venus in 3D is one deep engagement with the ‘Devil’. In fact, she is called ‘Lucifer’ in her Morning Star phase as she ‘initiates’ or ‘brings’ the light in the Morning with the Sun. She is currently the Evening Star which is when she is closest to the ‘heavens’ and further from Earth. But she will become the Morning Star as she moves through her Retrograde cycle. There is much ado about her nature when considering 3D energy. But for the purpose of our Astrology here, you will be using your Higher Mind energies to move through any ‘intense attractions’ that Venus in Scorpio might be offering.

She IS Retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights as is found throughout mythology. The top one being Christ’s temptation by Satan. In Scorpio, Venus Retrograde can present this type of energy.

It is very intense and transforming (Scorpio) energy on tap here. But Venus will also return to Libra before she Stations Direct so she will be tying in our sexual desires with our relating-ships desires. The point is to return to your heart if you have strayed in ways that has you wondering how you really ARE feeling at the moment. What do you WANT? Is what Venus is asking. She will bring back some past players for you to review what you liked about them so you can compare it to where you want to go from here.

Money, mine and yours, will be another big part of this Retrograde cycle. Don’t be sure that WHO you are dealing with during the Retrograde phase will be there when Venus Stations Direct again. So be mindful in how you proceed. Stay in detached emotion rather than syrupy 3D love.

Venus’ most recent Retrograde cycle was from Mar 4 – Apr 15, 2017 where she was Transiting from 13+ Aries to 26+ Pisces.

But this Retrograde cycle closely parallels her Retrograde cycle from Oct 2010 when she Stationed Retrograde at 13:14 Scorpio on Oct 8 and Stationed Direct at 27:39 Libra on Nov 19.

During this Retrograde cycle she will Station Retrograde at 10:55 Scorpio on Oct 5 and Station Direct at 25:15 Libra on Nov 16.

Look back to her 2010 Retrograde cycle to see Venus in Scorpio affected you then. Use your Higher Minds to navigate this cycle in a way that best serves you.

I will write more as we move through this cycle, but if you would like to follow things more closely, I would suggest a Reading. We will look at the phase of your Natal Venus to see how her energy operates for you and what you can glean from this current cycle.

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