Soulful, Karmic Clarity & New Moon in Libra – Oct 7/8

On Sunday and Monday we have the build up to the New Moon at 15:48 Libra which occurs late Monday night (EDST). Before the New Moon we have Saturn adjusting to the North Node, the Sun adjusting to Neptune and then making magic to the North Node.  Relating-ships, career goals, subconscious triggers and a Soulful perspective of fun will be adding to the ‘fresh start’ around relating this month.

At 11:06am on Sunday Saturn at 3:20 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 3:20 Leo.

This has been applying for a few weeks now, but we will actually FEEL the purpose of this adjustment we need to make over the weekend. The North Node has been in Leo since Apr 27, 2017. We have been looking at ways to be more playful, romantic and caring of our children and creative ideas from the perspective of our Soul. Roughly 9 years ago (half an Eclipse cycle) the Nodes of Fate were reversed and we were doing Social Media, networking, circulating, online dating with gusto! Now we have the opposite Soulful lesson occurring right now. We are doing more of our OWN thing rather than the ‘group’ thing. Or spending more time having fun with a romantic partner or children rather than organizing charity events and the like.

Saturn Ingressed Capricorn on Dec 20, 2017 and has been holding us accountable in areas where we are an authority or we need to work with authorities. He is Direct again and helping us to determine which career goals we really need to initiate and focus on with his stern gaze to support our diligence.

Usually we are balancing ‘home and career’ as we always do across the Cancer/Capricorn axis, but the last few weeks we have been looking at how to adjust our sense of fun and romance or creativity to the demands of our new career trajectory. Or perhaps we need to initiate new boundaries for our children as we serve to parent them better by the examples we set publicly and at home. Saturn has crossed 3+ Capricorn 3 times now so you may see how your career goals have been revised and channeled (as Saturn causes us to choose just ONE path and project) for the rest of the 28-year Saturn cycle. The previous 2 passes occurred: Jan 15-23; Jul 25-Aug 13 and over the last few weeks. ADJUST for your new path ahead keeping in mind your children, your fun, romance and need for attention of your craft or dramatic flare.

NOTE: The North Node will Ingress Cancer on Nov 6 though we will have one more Eclipse in Leo on Jan 20, 2018. That will be a Lunar Eclipse at 00:49 Leo/Aquarius.

At 11:17am the Sun at 14:18 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 14:18 Pisces.

Subconscious clarity of adjusting ourselves within relating-ships. While you may feel that you KNOW what your partner wants from you, there may be some block you have around reciprocating in some areas of your relating. With the clarity that Sun provides to your subconscious block, you can adjust yourself accordingly. You can SEE how YOU have the block and not your partner. This insight will serve you well over the next month as you set relating-ships goals at the New Moon on Monday night.

Depending on the Houses where you have both 14+ Libra/Pisces, you may really require this clarity to help you better relate to lovers (2nd House), siblings (3rd House), mom and family (4th House), children (5th House), co-workers/boss/roommates (6th House), partners, business and personal (7th House), intimate and lending people (8th House), seniors, mentors, foreigners (9th House), authorities, fathers, bankers, corporations (10th House), groups, social network, acquaintances (11th House), hidden enemies or yourself (Pisces).

At 8:42am on Monday the Sun at 15:11 Libra Quintiles the North Node at 3:11 Leo.

Here we magical, Soulful clarity around our being the center of attention and our relating-ships, or our children and our relating with them, or our choice of entertainment and our relating-ships, or relating to entertainers and artists. It all fits. Diplomacy is a Libran trait and the Sun is considering how to set goals that foster better relating as we approach the New Moon. Humor can be quite diplomatic and could create some effortless results right now.

At 11:47pm the Moon at 15:48 Libra Conjuncts the Sun at 15:48 Libra creating the New Moon.

Its the time of year that the focus is on relating to our closest friends and significant others. With both the Sun and Moon Conjunct our feelings are clear and we can easily set new ‘goals’ that we can attain over the next month and year. In the Dark of the Moon when the Moon has Ingressed the Sign and we are feeling the energies build, we can get a sense of what is going to be our focus for the next month, see clearly WHO we want to relate more to, or better with, and issue in the ‘fresh start’ the New Moon promises.

Mercury is also in Libra which will allow us to communicate some of our new goals over the next month. The Sun is still in a Quintile to the North Node helping us to be creative in our relating.

Venus is Retrograde and we may be feeling the intensity of our desires coming through. But we are in review mode here so keep yourself detached to any outcomes for now.



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