Mercury Ingresses Scorpio – Oct 9

From Tuesday until November 1 all of the aspects made are from the Personal Planets. On Nov 1 Jupiter will exact a Trine to Chiron bringing us the first non-personal aspect which should feel quite good. But with each aspect over the next 3 weeks being Personal there is much going on for each of us. Over the next week there are 12 aspects made and Mercury makes 8 of them. He will Ingress Scorpio Tuesday night and begin to express our new intimacy philosophy that Jupiter has held us to formulate over the last year. Mercury will Conjunct Venus on Oct 15 giving us insight into the revision of our desires that Venus is moving us through.

At 9:15am (EDST) on Tuesday Mercury at 29:16 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 14:16 Pisces.

On the Anaretic degree (critical degree) of Libra which is a quintessential Libra energy, we have our thoughts and ideas being adjusted to something in our subconscious. If you have a fear of relating, it is a good time to see what it is and let it go. This way the adjustment creates an ease. You may just really SEE how relationships are projections of ourselves and know how to respond to yourself diplomatically.

At 11:12am Mercury at 29:24 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 29:24 Pisces.

This aspect occurs in tandem with the above and may cause us to see something Soulful about our relating-ships. It will ask for an adjustment with or without a resulting ease. But the aspect to Neptune is still in tight orb and that ease will assist us here. There is no insecurity as Chiron is back in Pisces now and wrapping up the lessons he has been bringing since 2008. If you still have a lingering fear that the Universe doesn’t have your back, then adjust yourself. Chiron is a Soul-Level pain if you can’t see how we are all connected. But with Neptune’s help you will.

At 8:40pm Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

Our manner of speaking will change quite a bit by Wednesday morning. Libra is diplomatic and very refined energy where Scorpio energy dredges up the depths of things that are often hidden from view: our shared resources (or balance sheet) and our sexual intimacy. Now we will speak about all those taboo things that we didn’t give as much thought to recently.


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