Fixed Grand Cross – Oct 10/11

There is considerable energy still activating a separating Grand Fixed Cross that has been comprised of Uranus Rx in Taurus, North Node in Leo, Venus and now Mercury in Scorpio and Mars and Black Moon Lillith and the South Node in Aquarius. The aspects of Wednesday and Thursday will highlight this energy.

At 1:36pm (EDST) on Wednesday Mercury at 1:06 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 1:06 Taurus.

On Sep 12 Venus at 2:35 Scorpio Opposed Uranus Rx at 2:03 Taurus. Now Mercury, within 90 minutes of this Opposition meets Uranus Rx, too. We should have some words that take us back to around Sep 12 and express the change in desires that we had at that time. On Sep 2 Venus entered her Shadow, Phase 1 of her Retrograde cycle. Now as Mercury crosses over and expresses our desires from that time, Venus will still come back and bring in some revision of our desires. But Mercury Opposite Uranus across the Scorpio/Taurus axis is unexpected sexual communication. Shocking propositions. Unexpected financial backing and words blurted without forethought that usher in some change, financial and intimate.

At 10:29pm Venus Rx at 10:17 Scorpio Squares Mars at 10:17 Aquarius.

Venus first Squared Mars during this Retrograde cycle on Sep 8 at 29:37 Libra and Mars at 29:37 Aquarius. Mars was Transiting that degree for the 3rd time as he came out of his Rx cycle. One thing is for sure, men and women will challenge one another. Mars wants to socialize and not commit in Aquarius while Venus wants to merge money and bodies and is Fixed about her feeling in Scorpio. You can easily see the challenge here. Aquarius is detached emotion and Scorpio is Fixed. Mars is in new territory and his actions will not be revised. Venus, however, will keep in mind what occurs here and revise her desires accordingly. Does she really want a guy who is so cavalier about intimacy? Or you may be motivated to use you and another’s resources for the good of a group and that may not sit well with any intimate partner.

At 12:45pm on Thursday Mercury at 2:35 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 2:35 Leo.

Venus Squared the Nodes of Fate on Sep 16 at 4:42 of these respective Signs. There could again be some connection to what gets said today and what you desired mid-Sep. The Scorpio/Taurus axis is in a Karmic position (Square) to the Leo/Aquarius axis. We are all familiar with the archetypical stories around these Signs: who is going to pay for the children we just created?; will you receive the financial backing for your artistic venture and will it provide you with enough income to pay back any money?; how much fun can I have socializing or on my own when I am relying on other people’s money?; does flirting with others jeopardize my intimacy with someone else?

We are going to hear some words that point out the age-old issues of this Square. Is it any wonder that the ‘entertainment’ industry was very prominently featured in the sexual harassment cases over the last year or so? Not at all. Do some entertainers trade ‘sex’ for a chance to be a star? Do some powerful people try to manipulate those whose incomes they provide?

Just after midnight on Friday (12:11am) the Sun at 18:47 Libra will Square Pluto at 18:47 Capricorn. You will begin to notice this aspect all day on Thursday. It will be clarity around Pluto’s role in the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse as well as the on-going challenge of authority-types in your life.

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