Magical/Karmic Hand of Merlin – Oct 13/14

With the exception of the Sun moving through 20:44 Libra to Square the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse degree, the weekend is magical.

At 6:32am on Saturday Mercury at 5:14 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 29:14 Pisces.

You may have noticed the change from Chiron Ingressing Pisces again and bringing up some ‘lack of faith’ energies. But this 5D/magical aspect to Mercury will have us overcoming any subconscious fears and resistance to merge successfully within someone either financially or sexually. Or you may just be speaking about all of it effortlessly.

At 9:46am the Sun at 20:10 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 14:10 Pisces.

It doesn’t get much better than the Sun shining some light on Neptune’s hidden things, but when it is double-magic between them, we can really SEE into our collective unconscious and use our imagination to shift the reality of what we SEE! And the Sun will be moving through a rolling Hand of Merlin (though in separating orb) as the Sun applies to Saturn in a Quintile by Sunday morning.

At 11:30pm the Sun at 20:44 Libra Squares the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse degree of 20:44 Cancer.

Most of this energy has already been expressed as the Sun Squared Pluto who was Opposite this Eclipse. But there could still be some insight as the Sun straddles a Hand of Merlin aspect to Neptune and Saturn at the moment.

At 7:28am on Sunday Mercury at 6:48 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 18:48 Capricorn.

With any subconscious fears or woundings erased as Mercury Biquintiled Chiron, now we have effortless communication with our Pluto entities. We may be able to see how Pluto is just showing us the shadow-side of our own use of power… the side we don’t usually want to let out to play with. With this ability to recognize our shadow, we will know just what to say to mitigate any angst we felt on Thursday as the Sun Squared Pluto and intimacy will be effortless.

At 11:42pm the Sun at 21:44 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 3:44 Capricorn.

Now the Sun provides us magical clarity into our new career structures and we can see how it will serve our relating-ships at the same time. We can set goals to be more diplomatic and balanced in the way we pursue our new public structures.

At 4;20pm on Monday Mercury will Conjunct Venus Rx at 8:51 Scorpio. We can expect to express some of our revised desires that Venus Retrograde is taking us through.

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