Mercury Follows Mars – Oct 19

The 2nd half of the 4-way aspect involving Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron exacts today. There is deep communication (Mercury in Scorpio), unexpected actions (Mars in Aquarius), subconscious and hidden things (Neptune in Pisces) and a Soulful perspective of connectedness (Chiron in Pisces) all meeting and exchanging energy.

At 4:46am (EDST) on Friday Mercury at 14:00 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 29:00 Pisces.

Mars in Aquarius made an irritating aspect to Chiron yesterday, but Mercury now makes an adjustment aspect that creates an ease.  Whatever actions you took yesterday that irritated someone, or vice versa, you can now find some words to soothe the situation or bring about your own peace of mind about it. Mercury in Scorpio is thinking about shared resources, taxes, debts and loans and sex. Chiron in Pisces can be a ‘Crisis of Faith.’ But Scorpio energy knows that ‘death’ is merely TRANSFORMATION and not a literal death. When we adjust our thoughts, we can get a glimpse of our Soul’s understanding.

At 5:47am Mercury at 14:03 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 14:03 Pisces.

Now we can even see how our connectedness makes death an impossibility or how through transformation we are all served. A Trine is a Transitional aspect that you can ride from 3D to 5D on. Mercury in aspect to Chiron and Neptune at the same time is anything BUT 3D. Its deep. Its vast and it is connectedness. You could hear words, or say words, that you hadn’t imagined before. You could see death as the non-event that it is as you know you have been here before. You could touch your Soul with the ease of knowing that you feel. Or you could simply share some deep feelings with another.

At 1:23pm Mercury at 14:31 Scorpio Squares Mars at 14:31 Aquarius.

The ease of above could be fast fleeting with this Karmic Square applying. Our actions may speak louder than our words and drown out some of the good of what we felt and saw earlier. Though there can be some revelation in something that blurts out of our mouths even as we are taking other actions. Either way, it is a challenge to act in alignment with our thoughts. What we do act upon may surprise us and challenge our otherwise amenable situations.

At 12:07am on Saturday Venus Rx at 6:51 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 18:51 Capricorn.

About 11 hours after the Square above, we have this effortless energy between our intimate desires and our desires for social status or power. You could reach some new realms of merging with the Pluto entity that has been your pain-in-the-butt part of the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse. Or it could be that someone decides to back your new career goals with a loan or other form of financial support. You look like an attractive investment opportunity;) Though some of your desires may still be in flux with Venus Rx.

We have no further aspects until Monday when the Sun meets Chiron and Neptune from late Libra offering another interesting perspective of these 2 Planets as they Transit Pisces.


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