One, Two Punch & Sun Ingresses Scorpio – Oct 22

Monday the Sun moves through the aspects to Chiron and Neptune as Mercury did on Friday, but not the same aspects. The Sun is still in Libra until Tuesday morning, but we are sure to get some clarity around words spoken, ideas shared or planned made on Friday.

At 4:22am (EDST) on Monday the Sun at 28:53 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 28:53 Pisces.

When Mercury met Chiron it was in a Ses-Square which was an adjustment that ends in an ease. And Mercury was in Scorpio so we were talking about intimacy issues. The Sun simply brings clarity and the Sun in Libra is relating-ship clarity. The Quincunx is an adjustment with no ease that follows. You may see some wounding that you have around relating-ships/relationships and understand the role you play in sabotaging the same.

At 7:16am the Sun at 29:00 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 14:00 Pisces.

Now we have the ease following an adjustment. Thought most of this is all an internal shift you will be making when you let go of any old fears inhibiting your ability to ‘commit’ in some way. You may see that things are unbalanced in your relating and know how to correct it to create an ease moving forward. You will also be able to see what Neptune has been dissolving in the area of  your life where you have 14+ Pisces in your chart. The Sun shines through Neptune’s fog providing the ease that allows you to surrender to what Neptune is doing and to move forward with new goals.

At 3:13pm Mercury at 18:52 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 18:52 Capricorn.

Here we have some productive words and plans made between ourselves and an intimate partner or a benefactor or authority type that impacts are career. We will need to be transparent and honest in all dealings today so that the authority types wants to make the investment in us or our projects. Or so we can secure some shared resources situation. All systems are ‘go’ with this aspect as Pluto will not return to this degree for another 248 years!!

At 9:49pm Mercury at 19:15 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 4:15 Scorpio.

While there may be some irritation here, your earlier transparency to secure some shared resources is going to need to fit with your new career goals. Saturn won’t want you to take any shortcuts and terms from Pluto that will not fit into the direction you need to follow.

At 7:22am on Tuesday the Sun Ingresses Scorpio.

For the next 8 days we will have 3 Personal Planets in Scorpio: Sun, Mercury and Venus Rx and Jupiter. That is a lot of focus on the lessons Jupiter has been bringing us over the last year: honesty and transparency in all areas of intimacy.  Keep everything above board. Mercury and Venus are going to return to Scorpio again, but both will be Ingresses 2 other Signs as part of their current (Venus) and impending (Mercury) Retrograde cycles.

The Sun in Scorpio will bring clarity to the lessons of Jupiter and help us to set new goals for our sharing of ourselves and our resources.

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