Soulful Forgiveness Expressed – Oct 29/30

At 6:47am (EDST) on Monday Mars at 19:44 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 4:44 Capricorn.

An irritating energy between our ‘go’ (Mars) and our ‘stop’ (Saturn) Planets. Saturn in Capricorn’s energy is straightforward Saturn-style, but Mars in Aquarian energy is erratic actions, acting a bit crazy or in surprisingly just the right measure. But add in the ‘stop’ of Saturn and we have people moving forward, then turning around backwards too quickly and then forward again. Our motivations to socialize or merge with the group will not sit well with our career goals and social status. If you’re in EST, you may wake right up, then sit the snooze button and then blast out of bed again before the snooze goes off…. annoying and irritating.

At 7:05am Mercury at 27:49 Scorpio Conjuncts Jupiter at 27:49 Scorpio.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect between Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron. Soulful forgiveness expressed.

Jupiter is new territory as he is only making one pass to late Scorpio and early Sagittarius. So what gets expressed today via Mercury will be a final say from Jupiter, HOWEVER, Mercury will still have to revisit his words today as he just entered the Phase 1 Shadow of his impending Retrograde cycle. Mercury is where we apply our conscious understanding, but Mercury is double-minded so his first try is rarely an accurate portrayal of Higher Mind energies. Though you can use Jupiter’s energy to see what is REALLY meant and not have to revise it down the road. Though we will SEE others getting a better grip on it at that time. Mercury will Retrograde back to 27:16 Scorpio on Dec 6 and will have to really ponder what philosophical, big picture or legal ruling that gets expressed today. In other words, it is NOT the last word yet. Though Jupiter is showing us his last words if you stay in higher consciousness.

At 9:57pm Mercury at 28:36 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 28:36 Pisces.

This is Part 2 of the 3-way aspect. Part 3 will exact on Thursday when Jupiter Trines Chiron.

Still Conjunct Jupiter, his healing will add to this aspect allowing for this Trine to be very big in its expansive words for healing. Perhaps some of the legal fervor around ‘sexual harassment’ will get a Soulful perspective and allow us to see the side of the perpetrator’s extenuating circumstances. We may see how our own need to use others’ money puts us in precarious situations and will be able to FORGIVE as Jupiter would have us do once we see the dance of Karmic ‘good and evil’ via Mercury and how this creates the very human experience we desire via Chiron, the umbilical cord to our Soul.

At 7:08am on Tuesday the Sun at 6:58 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 18:58 Capricorn.

With such an air of forgiveness right now this aspect can only help us resolve our new intimacy philosophy (Jupiter’s Transit through Scorpio, which Pluto rules). Pluto as part of the Jul 12 Eclipse is showing us our own repressed nature. Someone is doing things that we would NEVER do precisely so we can see how it would look. We think they are assholes, but they are the shadow of ourselves. The Sun is lighting up Scorpio energies and helping us to clarify what the last year with Jupiter in Scorpio has really meant for each of us. We are setting goals on how to apply our new philosophy. Though our goals will be reviewed again in Sagittarian waters as the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury meet at 4:32 Sagittarius. We are putting to bed this sexual harassment frenzy as we each review ways that we trip each other up due to our hibitions around the Scorpionic taboo areas of life. Taxes is another area that you may be reviewing here or debt. But once Venus returns to Scorpio and Mercury, too and they follow Jupiter and the Sun into Sagittarius, we will be really looking at our new philosophies and reviewing legal practices.

The effortless clarity we are receiving today will help us to move through the Eclipse energies initiated at the Solar Eclipse of Jul 12 and to understand our own pathologies associated with power and sexual manipulation from us or towards us.

At 1:13pm Venus at 0:38 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 0:38 Leo.

We have a lot of Scorpionic energy under review right now and this aspect Square the Nodes of Fate will remind us of the clarity we had last Wednesday (Oct 24) when the Sun sat where Venus is now. Venus is reviewing our desires around intimacy and sharing of resources. Do you want to blend what’s yours (Venus) with another’s assets (Scorpio)? How do you desire to divide your 2 piles as Venus moves back into Libra desiring to relate and reciprocate? The North Node in Leo says do it for the sake of the children or for having more romance and fun. How do your desires today match up with any clarity from last Wednesday? Does sex obligate you to sharing resources? Does romance lead to other types of merging and sharing? What happens to romance if you don’t move to the next step? Which of you pays for your fun and romance? Venus is considering all these things.




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