Higher Minded Desires – Nov 2/3

On Wednesday Venus Opposed Uranus at the 0:15 Scorpio/Taurus. On Friday night she will meet both Neptune and Jupiter, the other 2 Higher Mind Planets from late Libra. On Saturday afternoon she will adjust herself Soulfully to Chiron.

At 8:17pm (EDST) on Friday Venus Rx at 28:50 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 13:50 Pisces.

With both Planets Retrograde, all of the energy here is looking backward. However, with Venus exacting her aspect to Jupiter only an hour from now, we are helped by Jupiter’s forward movement to see what is behind us and how we can use it to move forward. The Ses-Square calls for an adjustment that results in an ease. In 3D, Venus and Neptune create a fear of touch and STDs are often the physical result of our subconscious fear. But if we use our Higher Mind energies, we can recognize any fears and release them creating the ease of the Ses-Square. The fear revolves around relating-ships and dealing with close friends and open enemies. Neptune energies in aspect to Libran energies creates an ideal or idealized feeling of relationship. But Neptunian relationships are the ‘long con’ that we eventually wake up from and wonder what we ever saw in this person. As Venus just exacted her Opposition to Uranus and has that revelation around her shocking and changing desires since May 15, when Uranus Ingressed Taurus, now we can understand the nature of what has transpired and wake up to it.

At 9:22pm Venus Rx at 28:48 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 28:48 Scorpio.

This minor, but productive, aspect will assist us in seeing where we would want our new desires to eventually take us… into intimate honesty and transparency. All good relating leads to merging and as we are reviewing our desires in both relating and merging, we can use Jupiter to show us the higher form of intimacy. By releasing any fear or delusion around our relating-ships via this double aspect to 2 Higher Mind Planets, we are set to create new values (Venus) around these areas of our lives.

At 9:59am on Saturday Mercury at 4:02 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 19:02 Capricorn.

Some harsh or suspicious words are likely, but don’t take the bait. Mercury is always in his double-minded state and we should know better by now. Being in Sagittarius can prevent him from being too 3D, but don’t let yourself overstate the case. Less is more with the words this morning, then you will have less to revise once he is Retrograde.

At 2:16pm Venus Rx at 28:28 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 28:28 Pisces.

Still at 28+ degrees, Venus makes her 3rd aspect to a heavyweight entity. Chiron is our collective umbilical cord to our Soul and in Pisces we can easily lose ourselves in the fog. Whatever ‘lack of faith’ Chiron has been bringing up for you, there needs to be some adjustment to our relating. However, Venus offers healing and the adjustment is likely to be more diplomacy, more refined relating and healing touch.

NOTE: In the background of these aspects, Uranus is preparing to Square the Nodes of Fate. He will exact his Square on Tuesday, Nov 6. Jupiter will Trine the Nodes of Fate on Nov 7 so there is a LOT of emphasis on wrapping up the Soulful Lessons of Leo as it relates to our new intimacy philosophy and our changed desires and awareness of resources. As Uranus Squares the Nodes at 0:00 of Taurus and Leo/Aquarius, respectively, both Uranus and the Nodes of Fate will Ingress new Signs MINUTES LATER! And a new set of Soulful lessons will begin across the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Uranus will go back to reviewing our individual awareness as he returns to Aries. On Nov 8 Jupiter will Ingress Sagittarius and we will be looking at a new spiritual philosophy as well.

This is a lot of shifting energy in a few short days! It is likely to be a breath of fresh air in more ways than one!



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