Venus & Mercury Swap Directions – Nov 15/16

At 4:31am (EST) on Thursday Mars at 29:40 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus Rx at 29:40 Aries.

These 2 Planets are in Mutual Reception, meaning in the Sign the other rules. So each end of the aspect has the same energy and the Sextiles makes it minor, but productive. The way we assert ourselves could be surprising and unexpected with groups of people and our social network. We want our personal freedom to act in ways that suit us and our actions are a revelation to us as well as others.

At 5:21pm Mars Ingresses Pisces.

Now Mars will dive into Pisces depths and we may feel like all of our inspired actions of the last several months is now operating in slow motion. Many Olympians have Mars in Pisces or in their 12th House and they become so strong from pushing against more resistance and mastering it. Here we may become confused by the ways we assert ourselves or others may read our actions in different ways than we intended. Common dreams are of obstacles that we must clear or it can be quite the opposite with moving too fast that we can’t stop it. In Pisces Mars joins Neptune and Chiron at the moment so there will be considerable subconscious energies operating for all of us.

At 5:51am on Friday Venus at 25:15 Libra Stations Direct.

The 40 days and 40 nights of ‘temptation’ as we looked back at past loves and desires are now over. We have reviewed what we needed to in order to arrive at some updated desires moving forward. These desires have to do with relationships (relating-ships) and financial and physical intimacy. Venus will Ingress Scorpio again on Dec 2 and wrap up that aspect of her review. Venus Rx in Scorpio is the most intense energy of her Retrograde cycles. So if you have found yourself obsessing a bit or despairing that someone was leaving your life you may find them returning as she resumes forward motion. The purpose of the Rx cycle is to look at the past. Old characters pop up and some of your current lovers may have been placed on hold while Venus did her thing.

At 8:33pm Mercury at 13:30 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde.

With our desires moving forward again, our communication and ideas will begin looking back. You may still be communicating with some old flames or mentors/foreigners/seniors over the next 3 weeks that Mercury is Rx. With Mercury in Sagittarius and Retrograding back to Scorpio on Dec 1, we will be returning to intense Scorpio energies soon enough. But for now, Venus and Mercury are in different Signs and emphasizing other areas of our desires and ideas. Jupiter is now in Sagittarius too, but Mercury ahead of him has gotten carried away with his own global and philosophical ideas and needs to be reigned in via his Rx cycle. Mercury Rx will Conjunct the Sun at 5:04 Sagittarius on Nov 27 with both of them in a 5D Biquintile to Uranus. This is going to be a VERY revelatory and inspiring day! As Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, brings in another Higher Mind energy to the mix. Jupiter at 5:08 Sagittarius will Biquintile Uranus on Dec 1.

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