Inferior Conjunction Biquintile Uranus – Nov 27

Tuesday will be an electrifying day as both Mercury and the Sun meet in their Inferior Conjunction while in a magical/5D aspect to Uranus.

At 12:38am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury Rx at 5:16 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 29:16 Aries.

Effortless communication and expression of our spiritual perspectives and expansive optimism that promotes individual freedom of action. Unexpected communication, out-of-the-box thinking coming from grandparents, mentors, foreigners or vacationers or someone from a group you belong to. You could have some unexpected philanthropic gifts involved here. This is a 5D/magical aspect from 2 Higher Mind Planets into our lower/conscious mind. Mercury first Biquintiled Uranus on Nov 5 with Uranus at 0:03 Taurus. Now Uranus is back in Aries so there is some connection but the energy has changed as Aries is about the self. Mercury will Biquintile Uranus for the 3rd time on Dec 17 with Uranus still in Aries.

At 4:15am Mercury Rx at 5:04 Sagittarius Conjuncts the Sun at 5:04 Sagittarius.

This is the Inferior Conjunction between Mercury and the Sun and is the time to ‘seed’ a new cycle between these 2 Planets that lasts for about 165 days. Mercury Conjunct the Sun is clarity of thoughts, ideas and expressions. It only happens about 6 days each year so it is very significant in aligning our conscious mind with real-time or reality of the Sun. As they meet in Sagittarius, they will be highlighting Jupiter’s recent return to his own Sign and all things Jupiter and Sagittarius: legal matters, foreign or long distance travel, vacations, seniors, forgiveness, spiritual philosophy, higher consciousness and education as well as loads of optimism and expansive, global thinking. What gets expressed on Monday through Tuesday is REAL and not just some mental fabrication of Mercury getting carried away with himself. The Sun helps us set clear goals and so the Inferior Conjunction is a time to ‘seed’ our thoughts with the goals and purpose of the Sun. We will have 165 days to bring these goals into reality.

At 8:55am the Sun at 5:16 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 29:16 Aries.

Now we have the clarity around any words and thoughts expressed as Mercury Biquintiled Uranus. We can SEE clearly the revelations we had and how our spiritual perspective magically supports our personal need for freedom. Uranus lights up the landscape in front of us and the Sun gets to setting goals to align here. Powerful insight.

At 1:12pm Mercury Rx at 4:33 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 19:33 Capricorn.

As Mercury continues expressing all the clarity and revelation he has just been infused with he may step on the toes of some power that be, namely Pluto. An irritation is likely, but don’t let it derail what you have planned.

At 4:31pm Mars at 7:29 Pisces Sextiles Saturn at 7:29 Capricorn.

Here our ‘go’ (Mars) and our ‘stop’ (Saturn) energies are working productively together. We want to initiate some new career structures and Mars is pushing our subconscious fears aside to make things happen.

At 5:27pm Mercury Rx at 4:18 Sagittarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 4:18 Sagittarius.

The Sun was Conjunct Jupiter just after midnight on Monday. Now Mercury meets Jupiter and we will be able to express the clarity and good fortune we saw ahead at that time. Jupiter is already in orb of his upcoming Biquintile to Uranus so this next week will be very revelatory regarding our spiritual beliefs and how it effortlessly supports our personal path to freedom. With Mercury fresh from his Biquintile to Uranus we will be able to express some of these revelations though the full revelation won’t sink in until Jupiter and Uranus exact it on Dec 1.

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