Weekend Gets More Intimate – Dec 1/2

At 6:12am (EST) on Saturday Mercury Retrograde Ingresses Scorpio.

Returning to where he was last on Oct 31, Mercury will now have us reviewing what was said and planned around that time. We have until Dec 6 before Mercury Stations Direct at 27:16 Scorpio. Our words and ideas will be expressed with more feeling and likely fewer words until Mercury again Ingresses Sagittarius on Dec 12.

At 10:39am Jupiter at 5:08 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 29:08 Aries.

Across 2 Fire Signs there is lots of heat in this aspect, but it can still be effortless as well. It has been within orb for the last week and during the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury while Conjunct Jupiter on Tuesday. Expansive revelation. Unexpected global view of things. Ability to create a miraculous outcome for the moment. Unexpected good fortune. Inspired actions dealing with seniors, college students, foreigners and grandparents/grandchildren. There are many ways this can play out, but it is likely to be internal even more than external in its expanding of consciousness in life-changing ways.

At 4:49pm Mercury Rx at 29:34 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Venus at 29:34 Libra.

The 2 Retrogrades of Venus and Mercury have been very well-timed in their changing of Signs and Stations and this Semi-Sextile occurs with Mercury newly returning to Scorpio and Venus set to Ingress Scorpio. Once she does, we will have our desires and our expressions operating around intimate arenas and money issues. Venus knows now what she wants over the next several months. Mercury is still in review but this aspect will allow him to express what we now desire in our relating-ships and how that jives with our intimate philosophy. It is productive communication through diplomacy and balance. Transparency and honesty will help you maintain your relating-ships as reciprocal and rewarding experiences.

At 5:15am on Sunday Mercury Rx 29:07 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 29:07 Aries.

This is like tying up a whole lot of inspiring flashes of insight over the last week as Uranus sat at 29+ Aries and has met with Mercury Rx, the Sun and Jupiter in a Biquintile (Tues and then Sat) and an Opposition to Venus on Friday night. Now he will get to express further some of these ideas and how they impact our intimate situations involving sex and money (sharing or use of other people’s money). Unexpected intimate encounters. Unexpected actions to create intimacy. Though an adjustment is called for once we receive the inspiration from Uranus and speak it via Mercury. Actions may need to be adjusted by using words first. Insight into how to maintain our intimacy and our personal path to freedom at the same time. Adjust as needed.

At 12:02pm Venus Ingresses Scorpio.

She is now going to be taking us through our new desires for intimacy and balance and reciprocity in the exchange of money, ours and theirs, as well as intimate touch.

At 6:38pm the North Node at 27:55 Cancer Trines Chiron Rx at 27:55 Pisces.

This aspect has been in orb for a few weeks now and it very Soulful. If you have been thinking more about family lately, you can now see why. There can be a need to be with family, especially as we had our first Solar Eclipse in Cancer for the first time in 18+ years on Jul 12, 2018. Chiron is going to Station Direct on Dec 9 at 27:54 Pisces so he is very near that hotspot now. Once Direct, he will begin to leave Pisces, finally, for the next 40+ years. He has been in Pisces since 2010! Aries should feel great relief though Chiron will be in their 1st House making them insecure from time-to-time and each of us as well. You may not detect this aspect exactly, but it has been helpful without you knowing it;)

At 7:34pm the Sun at 10:47 Sagittarius Squares Mars at 10:47 Pisces.

Not the easiest aspect around our motivations, but we got this. Sun is in Sagittarius which will help us to take the higher road. Mars is plodding through deep waters and some old stuff is likely to surface. But seeing the big picture and using higher consciousness will help. If you feel yourself beginning to drink too much, definitely check yourself and use your consciousness to pull you back into managing the subconscious motivations that are likely not helpful right now.

There are no aspects on Monday, Dec 3 though just after midnight on Tuesday Mercury will complete a Grand Water Trine with Chiron and the North Node. All day on Sunday you may be able to express this energy in some way that enhances intimacy.


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