Higher Minded Clarity & Mercury Stations Direct – Dec 6

At 5:22pm (EST) on Wednesday the Sun at 13:44 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 13:44 Pisces.

The Sun shines the light into Neptune’s shroud of fog and confusion. But the Square can make what we see not always that kind or appreciated. Though clarity is always helpful! Neptune dissolves things and does so without us always seeing it happening until the structures are gone. The Sun in Sagittarius brings Jupiter energy into the mix and that can increase the confusion at times or allow us to see even more. It all depends on how you accept the energies.

At 12:13am on Thursday the Sun at 14:01 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 29:01 Aries.

Some clarifying revelation that can help us see ways to move into greater personal freedom or to set philosophical goals for our personal growth. Uranus was last at 29+ degrees Aries in late April to early May and there may be some shocking ideas that you rejected at that time and now you can see how they are part of a bigger picture that you need to consider. How does your personal path to freedom increase your optimism? And what goals can you set to get yourself there?

At 4:22pm Mercury at 27:16 Scorpio Stations Direct.

On Oct 29 Mercury began his current Retrograde cycle when he entered his Shadow, Phase 1, at 27:16 Scorpio. He reached 13:30 Sagittarius where he Stationed Retrograde on Nov 16, the same day Venus Stationed Direct at 25:15 Libra. Now he has just completed his 2nd pass to the degrees from 13:30 Sagittarius back to 27:16 Scorpio. He has reviewed his ideas, words and plans and likely things have changed a bit. Mercury has retraced the steps that Jupiter has recently Transited and gone a bit beyond where Jupiter has yet. So we have been reviewing our new intimate philosophy (Jupiter in Scorpio’s purpose) and our global perspective (Jupiter/Sagittarius). Mercury has helped us to verbalize Jupiter’s mandate of transparency and honesty. But Mercury is also our lower mine and can be full of hot air in Sagittarius if you let him. As he Stations Direct in Scorpio, intimacy is the focus at this time. How has your plans and philosophical ideas been revised over the last 3 weeks? Christmas vacation or holiday travel plans could have been part of this process and your plans will now be finalized as Mercury moves forward again.


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