New Moon in Sagittarius & Mars Conjunct Neptune – Dec 7

At 2:20am (EST) on Friday the Moon at 15:07 Sagittarius Conjuncts the Sun at 15:07 Sagittarius creating the New Moon.

Have you been making plans to travel home for the Holidays? Are you considering starting up a new course of study? Or are you working on a new spiritual endeavor? Now is the time to set goals along these lines and to have a ‘fresh start’ in this area of your life. Look to the House placement in your Natal chart for 15+ Sagittarius and you will see the people who will be involved in this New Moon energy with you. Renewed optimism is another good way this energy can manifest. On Nov 23 we had the Full Moon at 0:52 Gemini and we have been seeing how we feel about things local vs global. Now you are planning along the lines of a more global perspective. This is your annual ‘fresh start’ in this area of life so use it if you can!

At 9:11am Mars at 13:44 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 13:44 Pisces.

At the New Moon the Sun and Moon are separating from a Square to both Mars and Neptune so we have the clarity of feelings regarding what Neptune has been up to and can now act on this clarity. If there is a subconscious block around how to proceed with your New Moon ‘fresh start’, see where your actions take you and you are likely to find a way forward even if you begin by banging your head against the wall. The Square can be a challenged, but Mars can offer some breakthrough as well. Follow your actions and you may find you see things in a new light.

At 11:30am Mercury at 27:20 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 27:20 Cancer.

His first aspect since Stationing Direct, Mercury is getting a helpful nod from the Soul North Node. He is still in the Grand Water Trine so all things he is speaking about his intimate emotions with great ease. On Sunday he will Trine Chiron again and so we get to enjoy this energy all weekend. Mercury has reviewed his thoughts, ideas and plans and is moving forward on what has been revised. As he is behind the Sun yet, we have to go a bit on faith that we can pull off our ideas and plans.

At 5:52pm Mars at 13:59 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus Rx at 28:59 Aries.

Neptune and Uranus have been in orb of a Semi-Square throughout Neptune’s Direct Station and much of November. There can be some hidden irritation gnawing at you that revolves around your personal path to freedom and others who you feel might challenge your path. Mars’ actions are likely to show you WHO or HOW your inspired path to freedom may be raining on their parade. Or your own fears may be inhibiting you a bit from pursuing them.


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