Full Moon Begins Eclipse Wormhole – Dec 21/22

At 12:11pm (EST) on Friday Venus at 13:54 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 13:54 Pisces.

This is a wonderful aspect for merging with another physically or financially. Subconscious fears are eased and there is nothing to block the sharing. You may find that investment comes through or some other form of money from another can be coming your way. Or YOU may offer some financial backing to someone else. You are idealistic and will enjoy exploring any creative ventures that involve beauty and desire.

At 12:37pm Mercury at 9:34 Sagittarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 9:34 Sagittarius.

With Mercury on this degree for the 3rd and final time on this revolution around the Zodiac, we will be hearing the final word on some legal or philosophical issue. Or it may be some communication from a senior person to you, grandparents, foreigners or religious/spiritual figure. Whatever it is, there is some reason for optimism if you elevate any ‘legal’ consideration into a higher consciousness realm of acceptance. What gets expressed is going to show us some of what Jupiter has planned over the next year as he continues through Sagittarius.

At 12:48pm the Sun Ingresses Capricorn creating the Winter Solstice.

The chart for this Winter Solstice as shown from Northern Michigan has Psyche, our Soul Mind, on the degree where the Saturn sat at the 2nd Heartbreak Transit of Apr 30, 2017. But Psyche is separating from an exact Square to Chiron in Pisces, Trine to Uranus in Taurus and Quincunx the North Node in Cancer. That is a LOT of Soulful energy being brought to bear around those Heartbreak Squares and finding higher consciousness/spiritual philosophy to solve any pain from those Squares.

The Winter Solstice chart creates energies that endure through the entire 3-month Winter season (Summer in Southern Hemisphere). So we will be absorbing the full extent of any healing required around those Heartbreak Transits over the next 3 months.

The Sun ingressing Capricorn shifts our illumination and clarity to things dealing with fathers, our social status, career initiatives and authority and use of power. The Sun will be adding emphasis to the area of life where we have had Pluto since late 2008 and Saturn since last Dec 28, 2017. It is time to get clear about Capricorn matters and to set new goals in this area of our lives.

At 12:41am on Saturday Mercury at 10:14 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 10:14 Capricorn.

Their last aspect before their impending Conjunction on Jan 13, 2019, we will be hearing about how this current cycle will be getting wrapped up. Mercury is still in the Shadow of his last Retrograde cycle so there could be some final say around things we heard on the first 2 aspects: Oct 22 and Nov 4. Career, vacation/Holiday plans, long-distance travel and the like will hopefully be ironed out with this aspect.

At 12:48pm the Moon at 0:49 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 0:49 Capricorn creating the Full Moon in Cancer.

You will be getting clear about your feelings around home vs. career, family ranking vs. social status, mom vs. dad, etc. This Full Moon puts us in the Eclipse Wormhole with the first Eclipse in this cycle being a Solar Eclipse at 15:25 Capricorn exacting at 8:28pm on Jan 5. From this moment forward we are in the RAPID CHANGE of a Solar Eclipse which brings a super-charged FRESH START in the area of our lives where we have 15+ Capricorn. If you have Planets at 15+ of the Cardinal Signs, you will feel this Eclipse strongly.

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