Staying Focused on Career & Applying Faith – Dec 27

Well, Neptune’s fog had me a bit off course! Those aspects I wrote about for Sunday are occurring today… Monday.

At 11:35am Mercury clears his Shadow. At 2:40pm Mercury at 13:40 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx. And at 7:32pm Mercury at 13:57 Sagittarius Squares Neptune. Those occurs on Dec 24!! (EST)

There are no exacting aspects over Christmas, but the next 2 aspects that exact on Thursday can be felt over Christmas and should prove helpful.

At 6:20am on Thursday (Dec 27) Mars at 26:54 Pisces Trines the North Node at 26:54 Cancer.

Here all of our subconscious motivations should create a great ease for being with and around family. You could find yourself doing ‘just the right thing’ for the sake of the family, mom or home.

At 2:18pm Jupiter at 10:53 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 10:53 Capricorn.

A minor, but helpful aspect, between expanding our spiritual philosophy and focusing on career initiatives. Jupiter is also applying to Square Neptune which won’t exact until Jan 13, but it could already be creating some avoidance or excessive escapism tendencies if you are not sticking to your higher consciousness/spiritual philosophy. Saturn is helping to ground some of this energy as he will be exacting a Sextile to Neptune on Jan 31. So the lesson of this 3-way energy as it builds will be to keep your focus on tangible career and authority-building goals to provide for your family while navigating any confusion by repeating your spiritual philosophy to keep you on track (I write this for those who may be overwhelmed by Neptune at the moment… there are many swimming through his dark depths). Take what you are getting over the next 4 days and apply it to keep your career goals on track.

Merry Christmas!!

Jan 5, 2019 – New Moon Solar Ecipse at 15:25 Capricorn at 8:28pm (EST)

And for looking ahead a bit more, we are already in the Eclipse Wormhole of RAPID CHANGE and a FRESH START around career, social status and authority/fatherhood. Here is the Eclipse Chart for Jan 5 when the Sun and Moon Conjunct at 15:25 Capricorn. Exact hit to my Natal Saturn! Where will it be affecting you?

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