3-Way Completes, Mars Ingresses Aries & a Ses-Square – Dec 31/Jan 1

At 12:59am (EST) on Monday Mercury at 22:45 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 22:45 Scorpio.

This culminated the 3-way energy with these 2 Planets and Pluto that began on Saturday. Did you get to express your desires? Or hear someone else express theirs? Likely it was around intimacy and shared resources, abundance or benevolence as well. Both Planets are out of orb of Pluto right now, but Pluto has influenced their resulting energies over the last few days. Pluto is Opposite the degree of the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer so there could be some sort of wrap-up around the repressed energies that have been driving you crazy in a relationship since then.

At 9:20pm on New Year’s Eve (Monday) Mars Ingresses Aries.

He will be leaving behind Pisces deep waters and landing on open ground ready to act on his new motivations. In Pisces, our motivations were hidden and possibly confusing to understand. But in his own Sign, fresh at the 1st degree of ourselves, Mars is operating in a very straightforward manner. You should notice the shift in energies and sigh some relief that you are acting as you were hoping to before. But there can be some change, too, in the ways you initiate yourself as Mars is fresh from dissolving his old ways and birthing some new initiatives.

At 5:15am on Tuesday Jupiter at 11:51 Sagittarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 26:51 Cancer.

There may be an adjustment but it may be hard to detect as there is great optimism and feelings with this aspect. When you consider family things and your nurturing feelings, you may adjust your new spiritual philosophy to better align the Soulful Lesson of the North Node. This is not your mundane aspect that brings physical results, but rather a bigger sense of self in relation to others and to family. You may see how to embrace family as a concept bigger than blood ties. And you could get a glimpse of the Soulful role someone is playing your life or you in theirs.

As of Tuesday night we are just 4 days from the Solar Eclipse! Can you feel the change coming your way? Are you prepared to deal with it? If not a Reading may be a great way to honor this energy and your own awareness.

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