Sun Conjunct Saturn – Jan 2

As of Wednesday, Jan 2, we will be just 3 days from the Solar Eclipse at 15:25 Capricorn. You may be feeling what is about to change or begin for you around your social status, career ambitions and public structures. You need to also look at the Houses where you have 15+ Capricorn by Rising and Sun Signs. AND any Personal Planets or Points within a 2 degree orb of an aspect to 15+ Capricorn.

This Solar Eclipse will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse to complete this Eclipse cycle. The Lunar Eclipse occurs on Jan 21 at 0:52 Leo/Sun in Aquarius at 12:16am (EST). This will culminate the Eclipses across the axis of Leo/Aquarius for the next 9 years or so when the Nodes will be in the Opposite Signs (North Node in Aquarius). Lunar Eclipses are ’emotional resets’ or show us how we feel about things.

At 12:49am on Wednesday the Sun at 11:32 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 11:32 Capricorn.

Sun/Saturn Cycle of 2018 – Began Dec 21, 2017 and ends Jan 2, 2019

This begins a new cycle around our career structures and goals. Shown above is the cycle that is ending between these 2 Planets. Can you see what has been going on in your career and public status over the last year or so? Whatever Saturn has you focusing on to build new public structures for the next 28+ years, the Sun is now providing clarity around what has been going on there. And the Sun helps us to set new goals for the next annual cycle. Saturn is new territory and will not Retrograde over this degree again so this is our one shot to get this clarity right for now. As the Sun Transits through the other Signs over the next year, we will get some perspective on how our new career goals affects other areas of our lives. See what clarity you can get today that will see you through their next cycle.

At 3:48pm the Sun at 12:10 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 12:10 Sagittarius.

The Sun just began a new cycle with Jupiter on Nov 26 at 3:36 Sagittarius. The Sun was in a 3-way with Jupiter and Mercury during their Inferior Conjunction which seeded a new 165-day cycle with Mercury. Jupiter will not be retracing 12+ degrees Sagittarius during his Retrograde cycle in 2019 so we are not going to be revising the clarity we receive today. The sun Transited 12+ degrees on Dec 3 and 4 so there may be some connection to goals you set then or to philosophical goals you got clear about. There is likely some connection to a mentor, senior or foreigner that is involved in today’s clarity. They may help you set your new career goals so they are aligned with some big-picture perspective.

At 7:02pm Mercury at 26:48 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 26:48 Cancer.

Mercury just Biquintiled the North Node at 26:55 degrees on Dec 29. Now we are adjusting our ideas about what was said or seen at that time. If Mercury or the North Node connected strongly with either of these Planets on Dec 29, then you had a magical, Soulful moment that will be getting adjusted to now. The magic has separated, but the Soulful part is still there and you can put it all in perspective. It likely involves nurturing or initiating of emotions. But you will need to take the higher road (Sagittarius) to make the necessary adjustment in your mundane life.

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