Jupiter Ses-Squares Uranus – Jan 7-9

At 6:18am (EST) on Monday Venus Ingresses Sagittarius.

Venus in Scorpio has had us dealing with our desires around shared resources and intimacy. Now she shifts into a Higher Mind Sign, Sagittarius, where we will be looking at the big picture of the way we earn a living and how it helps ourselves and others. In Scorpio, we were striving for integrity and in Sagittarius we will be working on resolving duality through a more spiritual perspective. How do our desires affect others? What do we value and how does that determine how we acquire resources? Is there something more valuable than beauty? Do our values allow for us to accept different philosophies than our own?

At 5:05am on Tuesday Mercury at 4:56 Capricorn Squares Mars at 4:56 Aries.

Aggressive communications. Initiating communications. Speaking within acceptable boundaries vs. speaking independently. A man could challenge your career plans or your own actions could cause someone to challenge your position and social status. Annoying perhaps, but fast-moving. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and thus restricts things, but Mars in Aries is very confident action. You may act before you have the words or thoughts that might suggest its not as advisable.

Until Friday we have only one more aspect that exacts on Wednesday:

At 4:33pm Jupiter at 13:36 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 28:36 Aries.

This aspect has been in orb for a few weeks now, but the exactness on Wednesday should show you the full purpose of this ‘adjustment creates an ease’ aspect. Uranus is now Direct and operating in forward motion though he is still at the exact degree and minute of his Station which occurred on Sunday. Mercury and Venus both aspected Uranus at this exact position so we have some ideas of what is happening here. We need to adjust our spiritual or global philosophy to allow for more inspired personal freedom. Or we must adjust our own freedom of movement to better fit our spiritual and global perspective. Jupiter will not be returning to this degree on his upcoming Retrograde cycle so it is the final look at things for the moment. Uranus will not return to this degree again for another 84 years. So what we see in our Higher Minds today is revelatory and benevolent if we adjust ourselves to accommodate both energies into one perspective.

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