A Cocktail of Energies – Jan 18

On Friday we have 5 aspects exacting. Venus makes 2, Mercury 1 and the Sun moves through some ‘Soul Awareness’ as he aspects Chiron and Uranus in such a tight orb.

At 9:22am (EST) on Friday Venus at 11:47 Sagittarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 26:46 Cancer.

There is some Soulful adjustment to be made around your speculative (Sagittarius) financial desires/ values / beauty and nurturing, land ownership, family matters and mom. The way foreigners, seniors/ grandparents, mentors or college students fit into your idea of ‘family’ may be up for consideration. Are you optimistic about family issues at this time? Is there some healing that needs to take place? Or how much do you value family vs earning a living and/ or living in a global reality?

At 11:49am Venus at 11:53 Sagittarius Trines Mars at 11:53 Aries.

The adjustment above will be supported by our motivations to act and to also pursue our individual path. There is an ease between men and women though they may be separated by distance. Or you take action to put aside money for a vacation. Action and philosophy are working hand-in-hand.

At 3:03pm Mercury at 21:12 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 21:12 Capricorn.

Pluto is nearing the degree and minute of his 2018 Retrograde Station which occurred on April 25, 2018 at 21:17 Capricorn. Something or someone that you may have been in a power-struggle last year could be having some words with you again today. Though Mercury and Pluto begin a new cycle today, it ties back to April-May 2018. Pay attention to what you hear or say and see what repressed ideas come up for you. You may have words that show the shadow side of someone’s use of authority over you or perceived authority over you. You may also have some ideas to transform our political structures at any level.

At 7:57pm the Sun at 28:38 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 28:38 Pisces.

A bit of clarity around our career goals and any wounding we feel about the Universe having our backs. Some gratitude is possible and is the recommended course way to respond.

At 8:30pm the Sun at 28:40 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 28:40 Taurus.

Some surprising and unexpected clarity around our new career goals and our personal path to freedom. How does our own authority challenge our personal need for freedom? Or how does our social status or authority inhibit our wanting to shake up the way we assert ourselves? Do need to change something here? And which end of the energy is going to do so?

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