4-Way with Sun, Uranus, Neptune & Chiron – Jan 19/20

From Friday to Saturday the Sun, Uranus, Chiron and Neptune will be in orb of aspecting each other. The Sun will offer some clarity around all that has been going on with these 2 Higher Mind Planets (Uranus and Neptune) and the umbilical to our Souls (Chiron).

At 5:25pm (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 29:33 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 14:33 Pisces.

Perhaps a minor irritation, but the clarity we can get when the Sun aspects Neptune makes it all worthwhile. Wherever you have Neptune clouding an area of your life (where you have 14+ Pisces), his vagueness can be hard for some to deal with. Neptune in Pisces is Opposite Virgo so there can be health issues that are hard to pin down. Or depression if you have Neptune Squaring a Planet or Point in Gemini. Or uncertainty around your normal optimism as he is still Square to Jupiter in Sagittarius. But the Sun is offering a bit of insight into his fog via some authority-type or your career goals. Who will offer the clarity could be seen by the House placement where you have 29+ Capricorn. But often the Sun just offers YOU the personal clarity that you need to set better goals moving forward. You can SEE what Neptune has been dissolving so that you can more easily set goals moving forward.

The Sun Squared Uranus last night so he is moving between the Semi-Square Uranus has been making to Neptune for the last several months. That is a subconscious irritation around your own personal need for freedom. Or another’s need for freedom.

At 6:57pm Uranus at 28:40 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 28:40 Pisces.

Uranus has been in orb of this aspect to Chiron since Chiron Stationed Direct on Dec 9 and then Uranus Stationed Direct on Jan 6. This is a productive energy around some Soul Awareness that you could have. Uranus was also Semi-Square Neptune at the SAME TIME. So the awareness we have been receiving has been deep and Soulful though many may not vibrate to this energy. Uranus in the natural 1st House is leading the way of all of the Outer Planets at this time. Chiron has been dissolving a 50-year cycle of wounding as he has been in Pisces since 2010. Things have been ending in preparation for the new ways we will assert ourselves over the next several years. These aspects are not tangible though the awareness can really change things in subtle and deep ways. See how your personal path to freedom has changed since early December in order to see how this energy has played out.

At 2:29am on Sunday Venus at 13:38 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 13:38 Capricorn.

A minor but productive aspect around our optimistic desires and our focus on career initiatives. Between our spiritual values and our use of authority. Or between our love of all and our need to build our own empire. Any restriction you may be feeling is there to assist you in being response-able to yourself as well as others.

At 3:19am Venus at 13:41 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 28:41 Aries.

An adjustment to our unexpected desires creates an expansive ease between ourselves and others or in our global perspective. Or you could have some unexpected donation made to your spiritual/higher consciousness path, your college education or to promote your values in some way.

At 3:59am the Sun Ingress Aquarius.

This will be an electrifying 30 days after 30 days of being diligent and response-able. You could have some unexpected inspiration to set your new goals in new directions and merge them with groups of people that could support your goals. We are group-minded these next 30 days and wanting to socialize more. The unexpected can begin to occur in ways you will start see how it was exactly what you needed.

At 10:55pm on Sunday night the Moon Ingresses Leo.

Now we will begin to align with the ’emotional reset’ of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0:52 Leo/Aquarius that will exact at 12:16am on Monday. Like all Full Moon we will ‘see’ (Sun) how we ‘feel’ (Moon) about things in our lives across the Leo/Aquarius axis: self and groups, children and acquaintances, fun and philanthropy, creativity and compassion. This will be the last Eclipse across Leo/Aquarius for another 17 years or so, but 18+ years before the Eclipse returns to this near degree.

There are a few aspects also occurring on Sunday night before the Eclipse exacts, but I will cover those tomorrow:

Sun Semi-Square Jupiter

Venus Square Neptune

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