Emotional Reset – Jan 20/21

At 10:55pm (EST) on Sunday night the Moon Ingresses Leo.

The emotional peak has already begun, but once in Leo we will be very clear about which area of our lives we are going to change up some emotions or let go of old emotions that no longer serve us. Who will be Eclipsed from your life? Its not always the death knell, but it is an ending to some way that you have dealt with the situation.

At 11:03pm the Sun at 0:49 Aquarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:49 Sagittarius.

The Sun is just 3 minutes from the exacting of the Lunar Eclipse so this aspect and the next are very potent. Though a Semi-Square, Jupiter is rarely irritating unless he is expanding something over-the-top. Your spiritual philosophy will have to be taken into consideration with any new goals you are thinking of setting with the Sun fresh from the Ingress to Aquarius.

At 11:15pm Venus at 14:36 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 14:36 Pisces.

Some deception could be revealed. Some subconscious fear around touch could arise now as we are feeling our way through feeling across the Leo/Aquarius axis with the Lunar Eclipse. Leo can be casual sex, but Venus is actually within orb of a Ses-Square to the Moon at the Eclipse so there is some possible excitement or domination of desires that requires an adjusting to any subconscious angst.

At 12:16am on Monday the Moon at 0:52 Leo Opposes the Sun at 0:52 Aquarius creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Much can always be said about Eclipses and the shadows they cast and where they are seen, but Lunar Eclipses are very personal things. You will KNOW just how you feel about something or someone right at the time (or very near) the Lunar Eclipse. Across the Leo/Aquarius axis you will be looking at your love of the spotlight and merging with the crowd. Romantic notions or humanitarian notions. Creativity or fitting in. Look to the House where you have 0+ Leo/Aquarius in your Natal chart to see WHO may be getting Eclipsed from your life for at least or few days, weeks or months. Lunar Eclipses don’t bring about FRESH STARTS like a Solar Eclipse. Rather they bring us some ‘ending’ or culmination in this area of our lives. Someone could actually express their feelings for you unexpectedly! Or you could suddenly see how you FEEL about someone and shake things up Aquarian-style.

This is the last of the Eclipses across the axis of Leo/Aquarius which began with a Lunar Eclipse at 22:35 Leo on Feb 10, 2017. For the rest of 2019 and early 2020, we have 4 more Eclipses occurring across the axis of Cancer/Capricorn before the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius gets ignited on Jun 5, 2020. If you have noticed you are very focused on career and family, the Eclipses are making it so;)

From this Eclipse, we are 15 days (or so) until we are out of the Eclipse Wormhole that ushers in the RAPID CHANGE of an Eclipse cycle. The New Moon 15:45 Aquarius, which exacts on Feb 3, will be the end but will usher in a ‘fresh start’ in that area of our lives that is far less dramatic than a Solar Eclipse;)

At 6:48am Mars at 13:47 Aries Squares Saturn at 13:47 Capricorn.

Can you say ‘frustration?’ Because that is how Mars feels when in a Square with Saturn. Interestingly, both Planets are Transiting the Signs they rule and are operating true to form as possible. Mars is ‘go’ and stop is ‘stop’ or slow down. Mars in Aries is very head-strong, but likely to encounter an authority-type that wants to curtail your impulses. Or you may be the authority-type curtailing someone else’s impulses. Though it exacts early in the morning, it will be in tight orb as we start our workday. So be as mindful as you can to see the brick wall before you hit it.

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