Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Jan 22

So the Moon is separating from the Eclipse. Across Leo and Aquarius it tends to be less dramatic than Lunar Eclipses across the Angular Houses/Cardinal Signs of Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. But if Leo/Aquarius is in your 1st/7th and 4th/10th Houses, it was likely a stronger Eclipse for you.

On Tuesday we have Soulful expressions, optimistic desires and a check on our motivations.

At 1:48am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 26:47 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 26:47 Cancer.

This puts Mercury Conjunct the South Node which is typically some ‘letting go’ energy or easy energy. The North Node in Cancer is bringing Soulful focus to the mom, home, family, land, nurturing, nesting and the like. This must all be balanced with career, social status. authority and public structures. Mercury will be expressing some of this balancing act for us right now. How are we doing in pursuing Soul-level Cancer lessons? Has our authority figures gotten carried away with themselves, their power and their focus of government providing for us? With the government shutdown in the US, it would seem it is a great time to get a more Soulful perspective of things. Mercury rules the news and headlines. What gets expressed on Tuesday and early Wednesday will show us something about the lessons here.

At 7:26am Venus at 16:04 Sagittarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 16:04 Sagittarius.

Seniors could be of assistance in bringing you some needed resources. Or you could be developing some new philosophical approach to abundance and ways you use your own resources to help the greater good. Your desires today will be expansive as you may want to revel in some luxury that soothes you.

At 1:13pm Mars at 14:38 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 14:38 Pisces.

A minor aspect that will show us some subconscious fears or feelings we have about asserting ourselves. Mars is very strong in his own Sign and is definitely acting before he thinks. That is where the subconscious mind comes in to try to keep him from over-stepping. It is a check on his directness, his passion and his willpower. But this Semi-Sextile will help him to channel his drive more effectively.

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