Mercury Goes Inside the Square & Semi-Square of the Higher Minds – Jan 23/24

Over Wednesday and Thursday Mercury owns all of the aspects (except the Quintile of the Sun to Mars) as he will meet Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in succession. AND he will Ingress Aquarius before aspecting Jupiter.

Uranus and Neptune have been in a Semi-Square for several months now. And Jupiter and Neptune have been in a Square for the last 6 weeks too. There is a special message in these hard aspects between our Higher Minds (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) as well as to Chiron, the umbilical cord to our Soul. Mercury is the conscious mind that brings the Higher Mind energies into the physical world. The next 2 days he will be elevated by these Higher Mind Planets offering expressions that surpass his usual 3D mind. Pay attention. Its an intense few days of 2 sort of 4-way of aspects.

At 4:00am (EST) on Wednesday the Sun at 3:03 Aquarius Quintiles Mars at 15:03 Aries.

Some magical clarity around our motivations and ability to assert ourselves and our goals within a group. It is effortless and easy to see what actions to take.

At 6:13am Mercury at 28:44 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 28:44 Aries.

Unexpected thoughts and ideas that are revelatory and inspired though likely not to sit so well with authority types or those who are part of your career circle. Uranus in Aries is revelation right into the Crown Chakra so if you develop a headache it is likely because you don’t want to act on the inspiration. You might speak it though and ruffle a few feathers. Or some authority might say something that surprises and annoys you. Whatever you’re thinking, saying or hearing will have truth in it that can free you in some way from the status quo.

At 7:28am Mercury at 28:48 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 28:48 Pisces.

Now our thoughts are working productively with any pain we have been experiencing in the area of our lives where we are have 28+ Pisces. We can speak about the challenges Chiron has brought us through since 2010 when he first Ingressed Pisces. But we can also see some of the silver lining of all that we have learned in the process.

At 8:05pm Mercury at 29:40 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 14:40 Pisces.

Uranus and Neptune have been in a Semi-Square to each other for months now and it has created some anxiety in people who have these Planets making hard aspects to their Natal Planets. Mercury is rolling through this aspect from late Capricorn and helping us express how this deep revelation of subconscious fears has been impacting our career path and other structures in our lives. Where his Square to Uranus is like shock that feels freeing in the end, this aspect to Neptune can be just annoying as some subconscious fears rear their ugly heads. Its irritating, but not too major. However Mercury can express what these 2 Higher Mind Planets have been doing together over the last several months.

At 12:49am on Thursday Mercury Ingresses Aquarius.

Now our thoughts and ideas shift from career-minded to group-think. We are less restrictive in our thoughts and ideas and ready to shake things up in ways only Aquarius energies can do. Revelation and change in on tap for the next 30 days or so.

At 11:18pm Mercury at 1:33 Aquarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 16:44 Sagittarius.

From Aquarius, Mercury will now meet the 3rd Higher Mind Planet in about 36 hours. As he has been rolling through Jupiter’s Square to Neptune, he is showing us some of what these 2 have been cooking up. If you have found yourself avoiding too much or drinking/drugging excessively, Jupiter Square Neptune can cause that. But it can also cause you to finally see how you have let things get away on you and seek to reign it in with some new philosophy or faith-based practice. Mercury met Neptune from Capricorn showing how any escapism has been impacting your career goals, but now he is showing you how to change things up to get a better handle on your escapist tendencies. What you speak about on Thursday night could become a mantra you want to remember as you move through this on-going Square of Jupiter to Neptune.

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