Saturn/Psyche Sextile Neptune – Jan 31

At 9:15am (EST) on Thursday Saturn at 14:55 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 14:55 Pisces.

These 2 Karmic Planets have been in orb of this aspect for several weeks now, but they exact today. That is the time when you can really see what they have helped you to accomplish or overcome. This is a productive opportunity to resolve any Karma you have been experiencing with authorities and your subconscious fears. Or you may have a career initiative that you have some frustration around and this could provide you with the right amount of productivity to make things move forward. Anytime the 2 Karmic Planets are in a productive, easy or magical aspect, you can make strides in some area of your life. You can move away from old fears and into new realms of being.

By 7:24pm the Moon Conjuncts Jupiter at 17:36 Sagittarius and by 7:35pm Psyche reaches 14+ degrees Capricorn and applies to Conjunct Saturn.

These 2 aspects are adding emphasis to our 2 Interpersonal Planets AT THE SAME TIME. You will be working through your philosophy and social status with someone or several someones.

The Moon will show us how we FEEL about our new spiritual philosophy and Jupiter will expand those feelings like a barometer showing us how our philosophy truly affects us.

Psyche is our Soul Mind and Conjunct Saturn he will bring up some added Soulful dimensions to our response-ability to our career goals, social status and use of authority. What feels restrictive suddenly will have a much deeper emphasis. This also means that Psyche is applying to a Sextile to Neptune right now as well. So Soulful, Karmic stuff is getting worked through around our public reputation and career. Use the productive nature of the Sextile to go deep to the root of any intimacy issues as Saturn in 5D calls for deep, intimate bonding… aka no resistance to intimacy as that is EXACTLY what the Soul allows.

At 9:33pm Venus at 26:47 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 26:47 Cancer.

Now we have some adjusting to do here as Venus recently (on Saturday) Biquintiled the North Node and now she is adjusting her philosophical/spiritual desires to the Soulful side of Cancer areas of life. She is also nearing a Conjunction to the Galactic Center where she will continue to refine our desires for something abundant and beneficial for all. Today, though, she is working on mom, home, family, land, nurturing, hometown areas of our lives. Like my hometown, it is one of my wounding and I find it to be very ‘seedy’ and dark since I returned home of my Chiron Return. But today maybe I will revisit how it brought me the philosophical lessons required to get to the higher consciousness I enjoy today. There is something like this going on for you, though it may have nothing to do with your wounding as well. Self-worth, one of Venus’ lower issues, is easily risen above when she is in Sagittarius so make use of this aspect to get to a higher elevation to view those Cancer ‘traditions’ and Karmic lessons.

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