What Time Is It? Feb 2

As of the last few days, ALL of the Planets, Dwarf Planets/Asteroids that I follow in 5D Astrology, are DIRECT!! Since Uranus Stationed Direct on Jan6, all of the Planets have been Direct. But right now even the smaller bodies are as well.

Chart for Noon, EST, Feb 2, 2019, Cheboygan, MI

That means we are experiencing each heavenly body in its most natural state. If each Planet were Transiting the Signs they rule, that would be the truest state, but we are pretty close right now. What that means is that we are ‘forward-looking’ at the moment. Nothing is in review… well, exactly. Some of the Planets still need to clear their Retrograde Shadows from their previous Retrograde cycle. Let’s show each Planet and which time we are experiencing with them RIGHT NOW:

Sun, always shows realtime. And, of course, never appears to Retrograde, as other Planets do as they orbit the Sun from the Earth’s perspective.

Moon never Retrogrades either and today he is Transiting through Capricorn and ready to Conjunct Pluto around 1:00pm (EST).

Mercury in Aquarius is not in any Shadow of a Retrograde cycle. He will enter his Shadow on Feb 19 at 16:06 Pisces. His next Rx Station will be on Mar 6 at 29:39 Pisces.

Venus in Sagittarius is not in a Shadow phase. New desires are seen now.

Mars in Aries is not in a Shadow phase. New territory for our motivations.

Jupiter in Sagittarius IS in Phase 1 of his next Rx cycle as he will Station Rx on Apr 11 at 24:12 Sag and Rx back to 14:30 Sag on Aug 12.

Saturn in Capricorn IS in Phase 1 of his next Rx cycle. Saturn will Station Rx on Apr 30 at 20:31 Capricorn (with orb of less than 3 degrees Conjunct Pluto) and Rx back to 13:55 Cap on Sep 18.

Uranus in Aries is in Phase 3 Shadow of his last Rx cycle. He won’t clear his Rx Station of 2:34 Taurus until Apr 23.

Neptune in Pisces is in his Phase 3 Shadow of his last Rx cycle. He won’t clear his Rx Station of 16:30 Gemini until Mar 16. He will Rx back to 15:15 before Stationing Direct on Nov 28 this year. His next Rx Station will be on Jun 22 at 18:43 Pisces.

Pluto in Capricorn is out of his last Rx cycle though on the same 21+ degrees of his Rx Station last year when he Station Rx at 21:37 Cap. He will cross this same degree again in 2019 bringing 5 passes to 20:38-21:17 Cap. Lucky you if you have Planets are points in this window;)

Chiron in Pisces is in his Phase 3 Shadow of his last Rx cycle. He will clear his Rx Station of 2:25 Aries on Apr 1.

The True North/South Node are measurements but do Rx back and forth over a few days time. The Mean Node shows their average measurement without the short-term Retrogrades measured.

Black Moon Lillith is a measurement of the Moon’s Shadow. Very technical but suffice it to say she doesn’t Retrograde. She will Ingress Pisces on May 3 and wreak lots of havoc as we ALL may be susceptible to each other’s subconscious trash for the 8 months that follows;) Children born in that 8 month window will have that Natal position in their charts and this is a challenging Superhero Power, for sure!

Vertex is a measurement as well and never Retrogrades.

Many of the other Asteroids: Pallas Athena, Psyche, Eros, Juno, Sapphos, Eris, and Damocles all Rx on a more frequent basis and our ability to feel the shifts is very subtle, typically.

So what does all of this mean? Well you can break down the sense of ‘time’ by looking in your own Chart to see which areas of your life is still under some review of a Rx cycle and which parts are moving into new territory.

You may recall last summer when 6 of the 9 Planets were Retrograde AT THE SAME TIME! It was completely different feel to what we are moving through now.

And all of the Planets will remain Direct (forward looking) until Mar 6 when Mercury Stations Retrograde. In April (not that April has any Astrological significance as it is a contrivance of the Gregorian calendar and part of our 3D mind, Mercury) we will have 3 Retrograde Stations: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Time to review our philosophy, our authority and our career objectives.

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