Sun in the Karmic Sextile & New Moon in Aquarius – Feb3/4

At 4:54pm on Sunday Mercury at 18:16 Aquarius Sextiles Jupiter at 18:16 Sagittarius.

Some unexpected, expansive communication just before game-time (Superbowl;). Yes, there will likely be some ‘trash talking’ of the very teams and that would pretty much fit this picture perfectly. But Mercury is applying our spiritual philosophy to groups of people and merging it with some ‘group-think’ to see how it flies.

At 11:00pm the Sun at 15:02 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 15:02 Pisces.

From Sunday night through Monday morning the Sun will be rolling through the Karmic Sextile of Saturn to Neptune that is now separating, but will exact again on Jun 18 at 18:44 Capricorn/Pisces respectively and on Nov 8 at 16:01 degrees. This is a year of productive Karmic work so make use of it. Where Mercury brought some words around the Karmic Sextile, the Sun will bring clarity.

This is a minor aspect, but clarifying nonetheless. Whatever Neptune has kept hidden of late you can get a glimpse of what he is doing with this aspect. The Sun is setting goals for groups we belong to, for social networking and socializing as well as philanthropy and changing the way we are ‘seen’. Neptune is working on ending some old subconscious fears so you can see here what might have been tripping you up from time to time and use that insight for greater pursuit of your hopes, wishes and dreams (Aquarius).

At 6:09am on Monday the Sun at 15:20 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 15:20 capricorn.

Now we see the building side of the Saturn/Neptune Sextile. While Neptune is dissolving some old structures and fears, Saturn is building a new foundation around our career, our public structures and authority. How does this relate to groups? The Sun is going to get some clarity around that. Capricorn rules politics as well and we are certainly entering a time where we need some new structures put in place. The global structures we build will affect each of us in the public arena of bread-winning and career.

At 4:03pm the Moon at 15:45 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 15:45 Aquarius creating the New Moon in Aquarius.

This is an annual ‘fresh start’ in the area of groups, social network, online enterprises, self-awareness/Astrology, freedom and philanthropy. You will be setting some new goals in these areas as well as the House areas where you have 15+ Aquarius by Rising and Sun Sign. Some inspiration may hit you around new ways to work within a group or to pursue your hopes, wishes and dreams.

On Aug 7, 2017 we had a Lunar Eclipse at 15:13 Aquarius and there may be some event occurring now that brings situations from that time to light.

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