Soulful 3-Way of Mercury, Mars & North Node – Feb 7-9

At 7:32pm (EST) on Thursday the Sun at 18:57 Aquarius Sextiles Jupiter at 18:57 Sagittarius.

A productive aspect bringing clarity around our philanthropic goals and our spiritual philosophy. Or our social networking goals and the big picture. Or clarity around freedoms that benefit everyone. You get the idea. This is 2 Higher Mind energies (Jupiter/Sagittarius and Uranus/Aquarius). It may be too big to bring down to Earth, but it will have you changing up some goal anyway.

At 8:24pm Mercury at 25:40 Aquarius Sextiles Mars at 25:40 Aries.

Some aggressive action and/or unexpected expression that seems to create some productive change. You may unexpectedly assert yourself and find that it works well within any groups you are involved in.

This is the beginning of a rolling 3-way aspect involving Mercury, Mars and the North Node that takes us through early Saturday morning.

At 8:37am on Friday Mercury at 26:36 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 26:36 Cancer.

Here we may have some more unexpected communication or local travel issues that we need to adjust to the Soulfulness of the North Node which is holding us to nurturing, mom, home, family ideals. Whatever your hopes, wishes and dreams (Aquarius), you need family to get you there. So adjust to what you hear in order to have better success.

At 3:08am on Saturday Mars at 26:32 Aries Squares the North Node at 26:32 Cancer.

Now our actions come into question from the Nodes of Fate. How does the way you assert yourself challenge your home and career balance? Doing your own thing can be great, but does it serve the other important areas of your life? Is your self-assertion threatening your ability to care for your family via your career success?

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