3-Way of Mercury, Venus & the Nodes of Fate – Feb 26

At 1:44am (EST) on Tuesday the Sun at 7:22 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 22:22 Capricorn.

Subconscious clarity around our use of power or someone else’s perceived power over us. There is some irritation as we see this play out.

At 1:54am Venus at 25:58 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 25:58 Capricorn.

Venus is now 3+ degrees separation from Pluto and moving into areas Pluto won’t reach on his upcoming Retrograde cycle which begins on Apr 25 at 23:09 Capricorn. Our desires at this time are showing us some of the releasing side of the North Node/South Node axis. Right now we are focused on mom, home, family, land/emotional roots and letting go of some social status, career goals and public authority in favor of those things. Though the Capricorn side of things is easier to do at the moment. Soon enough, the South Node will Conjunct Pluto and we will really get to see how this is affecting all of us together. For the time being, Venus brings up personal, though Soulful, desires. Are your own finances being put to use for the sake of family? Are you willing to forego some personal resources to be more nurturing to your family? Can you put aside your personal power desires to be seen as more of a ‘family-oriented’ type?

At 2:11pm Mercury at 25:58 Pisces Trines the North Node at 25:58 Cancer.

Mercury met Venus in a Sextile yesterday so this aspect completes a 3-way between Mercury, Venus and the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes). Here we can express some of how our desires are serving our Cancer areas of life with the support of our subconscious connected-ness. Mercury will soon Retrograde and Trine the North Node 2 more times so we may have some revisions to what is said today. In Pisces, Mercury is not operating from his 3D conscious mind alone, but rather he is able to understand things he isn’t always capable of knowing. Faith and knowing that things will be fine is all a part of this aspect.

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