Mercury Stations Rx & New Moon in Pisces – Mar 5/6

At 1:18pm (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 29:39 Pisces Stations Retrograde.

Bathed in the deep waters of Pisces, this Retrograde cycle will be less 3D than others. Mercury’s 3D firewall does not operate in Pisces and he is unable to keep Neptune’s energies out. Which can be seen in duality, though. If you are more fearful lately, than Mercury is keeping the upper hand in keeping Neptune’s energies from surfacing. Let them out and you will be able to express them and release them.

At this point, Mercury is almost 24 degrees ahead of the Sun so he is way out of reality and up to his usual trickster ways. Hang loosely to your plans until Mercury Conjuncts the Sun in their Superior Conjunction on Mar 14. At that time we can express more of what the reality is. For now, we may be looking at fears or simply staying in unconditional love until we know which path moves us forward.

Mercury will return to 16:06 Pisces on Mar 28 and Station Direct. In the meantime, he will Conjunct Neptune on Mars 24 at 16:49 Pisces and once Direct on Apr 2 at 17:09 Pisces. He will Sextile Saturn and Pluto, Trine the North Node and Jupiter all for 2 more times.

At 3:38pm the Sun at 14:59 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 29:59 Aries.

Here we are going to get a glimpse of what has been going on all the last year as these 2 Higher-Mind Planets have been in an irritating aspect to each other. It may be hard to put your finger on, but there is some clarity showing you what has been transpiring. These 2 Planets in Hard aspect to each other can create some difficulties with yourself and others. Look to the Houses where you have the Sun and Uranus Transiting right now to see what the purpose and who is involved.

At 3:28am on Wednesday Uranus Ingresses Taurus.

On Mar 11, 2011 Uranus Ingressed Aries for the final time bringing with him the 8-9 point Earthquake under Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant. Aries is the natural 1st House and rules the body. An earthquake is a shake-up of the Earth’s body. Now he Ingresses Taurus for the final time to Transit there for roughly 7 years. What shake-up with Uranus bring with him this time? Taurus rules Fixed Earth and our available resources, earned income, values and more. Uranus brings CHANGE and rules things like charity and philanthropy. Look for venture philanthropy to become a big thing. We will want to use our own resources to serve a more universal plan.

At 11:04am the Moon at 15:47 Pisces Conjuncts the Sun creating the New Moon in Pisces.

This is an annual ‘fresh start’ in the area of our shared consciousness, Pisces. We will be working on our new spiritual understanding over the next month and setting new goals that deal with some kind of faith that things will work out. Pisces energies are externalized in Virgo so you may have some physical responses come up that deal with health and work issues.

At 2:30pm Mars at 13:42 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 25:42 Capricorn.

Some magical and effortless actions to secure some earned income that is just the right thing for your family matters, household needs, etc.

At 8:00pm the Sun at 16:10 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 16:10 Pisces.

The Moon Conjunct Neptune around noon, just following the New Moon, so you have been sitting in the ‘fresh start’ energy all day as the Moon and Sun shed light on Neptune’s shroud of fog and dissolving of things. Here you can really SEE what he has been doing and understand how to set new goals that align with the intangible work of Neptune.

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