Practice Gratitude – Mar 22

At 1:44am (EST) on Friday the Sun at 1:19 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 19:19 Capricorn.

We will magically be able to assert ourselves in ways that promote our new career objectives. The Sun is out of the fog of Neptune with new goals starting to take shape. We may not know them all just yet, but our actions will show us the way forward. A magical aspect to Saturn will offer us help with authority-types.

The Sun is applying to Conjunct Chiron by afternoon so he is in orb of a Quintile to Chiron though it will not exact. This will help us with insecurity right now. Asserting yourself could have some magical results.

At 9:56am Mars at 24:15 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 24:15 Cancer.

Now motivations to touch, acquire, be beautiful or assert our values works productively with the Soulful North Node. Our actions to acquire may be on behalf of some family goals or to assist mom. A motivation to nurture is possible too.

At 2:38pm the Sun at 1:51 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 1:51 Aries.

Saturn will not exact a Quintile to Chiron right now but is in orb of a Quintile so this is essentially a 3-way energy all over the last 24 hours. Now we get some clarity around any insecurities we may have been feeling lately (or since Feb 18) so we can see how this wounding actually works. The Quintile to Saturn will assist us in overcoming some of the insecurity with authority-types. Chiron in Aries is insecurity but can also be the inability to assert ourselves due to physical constraints.

See what you can today around what Chiron in Aries feels like and move into gratitude for the experiences you will have over the next few years.

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