Mercury Rx Conjuncts Neptune & Boomerang Finger of God – Mar 24

At 1:27pm (EST) on Sunday afternoon Mercury Rx at 16:49 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 16:49 Pisces.

This is Mercury’s 2nd pass to Neptune during his Retrograde cycle. His 1st pass was on Feb 19 at 15:34 Pisces. They meet on a different degree today as Neptune is clear his Shadow Phase of his last Retrograde cycle and entering new territory. Neptune Stationed Retrograde at 16:30 Pisces on Jun 18, 2018. He is on the same degree as that Station but just beyond his exact position. Something gets expressed today either verbally, in written form or mentally or even through your dreams that may harken back to last June and Feb 19, 2019. We are revising what was expressed on Feb 19 from within our Higher-Mind/subconscious mind. What we hear, say, write or dream is deep and can be hidden from view though we KNOW it to be more real than what is seen at present.

On Mar 28 Mercury will Station Direct at 16:06 Pisces and we will be back to viewing our conscious world, and as he is in Pisces even our subconscious world in ‘forward’ motion.

At 4:05pm Jupiter at 23:55 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 23:55 Cancer.

On Feb 18 Jupiter Biquintiled the North Node at 20:29 and 26:29 of their respective Signs. That was a double-magic/5D aspect of getting our new spiritual/global philosophy aligned with Soulful (North Node) Cancer energy of nurturing, mom, home, family and land. Today they exact an adjustment to each other so whatever you found to be effortless around these areas of life on Feb 18 is now having to be adjusted to. Jupiter is highlighting legal issues and optimism as he Transits his own Sign. The North Node is holding us to pursuing family issues while putting career issues on the back burner at bit (South Node in Capricorn). If you are finding yourself ‘focused on family’ the North Node is the primary reason. If you are involved in any ‘legal’ matters, the high ground (aka higher consciousness) is called for in order to resolve it ethically and satisfactorily.

This is the 3rd aspect in a 3-way between Venus, Jupiter and the North Node. But it is actually bigger than that. The tables turning in some situation may have been the result for you. But Sunday afternoon will show you the other part of the equation. Still Pluto is involved as you will see below and so the energy will continue for another few weeks at least. Can you turn the tables back? I think so;)

On Apr 4 Pluto at 23:03 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 23:03 Capricorn.

This aspect is already in orb and was at play on Thursday and Friday (see chart below) as Venus and Jupiter Quincunx the North Node creating a Boomerang Finger of God that brought Pluto energy into play as well.

Boomerang Finger of God with Venus, Jupiter into the North Node Boomeranging back to the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn – Mar 22, 10am EST

The North Node was the nozzle that Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Sagittarius have been pouring the energy into but the North Node boomeranged it back to the South Node Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Oh, and, Saturn is in pretty tight orb to Pluto as well so it could easily have added that energy into the mix though Saturn rules Capricorn and is involved regardless. I thought seeing this chart might help you see what was really going on. I truly felt the Boomerang effect of this aspect on Friday morning as the tables were turned on a situation that was developing. Can I turn the tables back as Jupiter and Venus separate from the Finger of God? What will be the result of Pluto Opposite the North Node?

Only time will tell. Pluto rules intensity and has been bringing out misuse of authority. Jupiter and Pluto have been in a Semi-Sextile highlighting very different leadership styles. There is a leader of integrity, Pluto’s highest vibration. There is a spiritual, philosophical leader that is like a shepherd to the flock. But the South Node can bring out even more negative sides to Pluto’s attitude OR force him to do the right thing. We shall see;)

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