Magic & Revelation – Mar 25-27

At 5:21pm (EST) on Monday the Sun at 4:56 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 22:56 Capricorn.

This is effortless goal-setting with authority types. Our actions are clarifying if we need to assert ourselves and will show us how we are using our power. We could be very motivated to pursue some career objectives right now. But Pluto’s Opposition to the North Node is within orb and we could get clear today on what that might be bringing to us.

At 11:12am on Tuesday Venus at 29:46 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 23:46 Cancer.

Venus has moved from the Quincunx to the North Node and the Boomerang Finger of God with Jupiter, the Nodes and Pluto. She is now making a 5D/magical aspect to the North Node from the Anaretic degree (29) of Aquarius. The girl has changed some desires since entering Aquarius and is magically aligning them with the Nodes of Fate. What awareness of family are you having? Look to the Houses involved to see what other people and storyline is involved. Here family could be a refuge from the Finger of God’s harder aspect with Pluto. Some healing will be offered with this aspect.

At 3:43pm Venus Ingresses Pisces.

Our desires shift from being out and about socializing to being hidden a bit more. In Pisces, Venus will submerge into the depths of Pisces dissolving some of our old desires so that new ones will surface when she Ingresses Aries on Apr 20. Until then expect a few fears to maybe come up that you will be working through. Its all good. Just release a fear when you recognize it. It can be a fear of intimacy, touch and the like or just plain ole ‘lack’ of resources, beauty, etc. Let it go this month!

At 12:45pm on Wednesday Venus at 1:03 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 1:03 Taurus.

Venus has just left Uranus’ Sign but Uranus in Taurus is in her Sign. 2 Higher Mind energies are involved with our ‘desires’: Pisces and Uranus. Subconscious revelation around our assets, our philanthropy and our earthy desires of all kinds. This is helpful energy to kick off Venus’ Transit of Pisces so soak in the revelation deeply so it can shift something within you.

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