Mercury Stations Direct – Mar 28

Pluto is applying to his Opposition to the North Node and I would love to hear some comments on how that is feeling for you! And how you are managing it.

At 5:19am (EST) on Thursday Mercury Rx at 16:06 Pisces Quintiles Mars at 28:06 Taurus.

Mercury is on the exact degree and minute of his Direct Station which occurs at 9:59am. So he will remain in a Quintile to Mars throughout most of Wednesday night and Thursday. This is effortless words around our motivations to acquire assets, be loved, or follow our values. Mars in Taurus is stubborness as he has to plod through Fixed Earth, but now our expressions make our motivations work out fine. It is easier to make progress. And our subconscious is supporting our efforts.

At 7:41am Mercury Rx at 16:06 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 1:06 Taurus.

Uranus sat Semi-Square to Neptune at 16+ degrees for several months last year and now Mercury will be expressing what that Semi-Square was about. Uranus and Neptune create a subconscious need for freedom or for some disassociatve behavior disorder. Or they bring up revelations from the collective unconscious that you don’t even know HOW you know it. Mercury in Pisces is like an aspect with Neptune and Neptune is in orb of a Semi-Square to Uranus now, too. So we are sitting on this position to express all that has occurred over the last year with these 2 Higher Minds. Pay attention to what you hear. Mercury will flip direction on this exact point emphasizing it as Transits hit it over the next year again. Neptune will return to this degree and minute 2 more times as he will Station Retrograde at 18:43 on Jun 22 and Station Direct at 15:15 on Nov 28.

At 9:59am Mercury at 16:06 Pisces Stations Direct.

Now we will be living with the revisions Mercury made over his Retrograde Phase. He is far behind the Sun now so we need to keep moving in ‘faith’ as the Sun shows us our goals and Mercury is lagging behind trying to deal. Though he is in Pisces and if we use that Higher Mind energy we know how to deal with the unseen and intangible by trusting.

At 11:29am Venus at 2:12 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 2:12 Aries.

A minor, but helpful aspect that can bring some healing to any insecurities you might be feeling around how to assert yourself. This is Venus’ first aspect from Pisces and she is moving through there to heal some of the last 8 years as Chiron Transited through Pisces and has finally left the Sign for the next 42+ years. It is time to heal our subconscious desires and the collective wounding Chiron’s Transit brought out. In fact now Chiron is bringing the wounding of what we couldn’t see to the surface as insecurity. Check yourself when you move into insecurity and find that undying sense of faith in the Universe (aka Soul Awareness) to get you through it.

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