A Big Week of Eclipse Clarity – Apr 2

As of late afternoon on Tuesday the Sun is in orb of a Square to the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5. We are seeing some climaxing of the stories that began at that time. If the Eclipse Square or Opposed a Personal Planet or Point by a 2-degree orb, then you KNOW what I am talking about. My Natal Saturn is at 15:15 degrees and the Eclipse was at 15:25 degrees. Structures are starting to change in big ways right now. These structures include home, land as well as career and social status for all of us. When the Sun reaches 15:25 Aries, we will SEE the climax of the necessary changes via a Square to the Eclipse degree. From now until Jul 2 we will begin wrapping up most of the RAPID CHANGE FRESH START of the Jan 5 Solar Eclipse.

If you are agonizing over what to do in these areas of your life, hang in there, this week is sure to reach some crescendo and you will see what it all means and where it is going.

For now, these other aspects are continuing to bring in other elements of life at the same time. Thursday Pluto exacts his Opposition to the North Node but they are in such tight orb right now, we are essentially IN IT. The worm needs to turn. That is the purpose of Pluto Opposite the North Node. Transformation and an exchange of power that puts someone on top that didn’t look like it would fall that way.

At 3:29am (EST) on Tuesday Mars at 1:22 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 1:22 Taurus.

Mars’ first aspect since Ingressing Gemini. This is inspired actions to drive, communicate or circulate in your local community. Or your actions could be centered around acquiring resources or using them for philanthropic purposes. You may find surprised by your own actions today as Uranus will infuse you with the immediacy to act on something you were not expecting.

At 5:36am Mercury at 17:09 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 17:09 Pisces.

As Mercury is now Direct, this is the final say between our conscious and subconscious mind for the moment. We have revised our plans and are now moving forward with our latest ideas which represent a new spiritual blueprint for the path ahead. Look to the House where you have this degree and minute to show you WHO you will be talking to. Neptune is in new territory and will be Squaring 17-18 Gemini/Sagittarius for the next several months. If your Rising Sign, Sun or other very personal points/planets are involved, you will find some things to be not so concreted during this time. But Mercury in this aspect is making the subconscious concrete so take the information as you will find it helpful up ahead.

The next 2 aspects with Venus put her in Pluto’s Opposition to the North Node that exacts on Thurs at 23:03 Capricorn/Cancer.

At 7:46am Venus at 8:02 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 23:02 Capricorn.

Some financial, love or intimacy challenges that stem from a subconscious fear. Let go of feelings of ‘lack’ or low self-esteem. Don’t let that authority belittle you. It is just energy. Shake it all off and float along to the next desire. But whatever your desires today it is showing you something about Pluto Opposing the North Node so see who the player is in this Opposition story that exacts on Thursday. This aspect is just one minute from the exact Opposition!

At 4:06pm Venus at 8:27 Pisces Ses-Squares the North Node at 23:27 Cancer.

Now we need to make a subconscious adjustment that creates an ease with family, money, resources, land and the like. If your Pluto entity is challenging one of these things, you have a chance to adjust yourself for better results.

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