Pluto Opposite North Node & New Moon in Aries – Apr 3-5

At 10:57pm (EST) on Wednesday the Moon Ingresses Aries.

With the Moon in Aries our feelings will lead us to take action. It is a Cardinal Fire energy mixed with Cardinal Water/Emotions. Initiating a bit of drama is more likely over the next few days. But once the Moon Ingresses Aries it puts our feelings side (private side) in alignment with our goals (public side) that the Sun shows us. The Sun is at 14:04 Aries applying to the New Moon which aligns our feelings and goals so we know which new actions to take at the New Moon.

At 11:39pm Mars at 2:34 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 2:34 Aries.

Mars rules Chiron in Aries so this productive aspect should help us as we initiate actions having to do with communication, driving and acting on behalf of our local community. Insecurity is Chiron in Aries. We may be afraid to assert ourselves as it can be taken in the wrong way. Or we make others nervous around us so things don’t go that well. But if you piss off someone as you’re driving, it may find it easy to be polite to help you extricate yourself from the situation. Guard against angry words.

At 4:01am on Thursday the Moon at 2:35 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 2:35 Aries.

You may have a bit of wounding at this time that make you feel insecure. Or you don’t feel much like getting out of bed if you are in EST.

At 3:18pm Pluto at 23:03 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 23:03 Cancer.

This puts the South Node Conjunct Pluto and there is a letting go of the misuse of power that Pluto types have been guilty of since late 2008. Lately you may have noticed that nurturing is winning out over authority and strict (or too heavy-handed) discipline. This is not an unfavorable aspect for this time right now. It could help you gain a stronger position in relation to someone who has been an ‘asshole’ otherwise. The North Node in Cancer brings up the need to do family, mother, land and the like. Pluto types have been taking the land since 2008 in various ways. Cancer is also emotional roots and hometown. Family may be your shelter now from the craziness in the public authority realms. There could be a softening from authority types that is more nurturing in nature.

At 4:50am on Friday the Moon at 15:17 Aries Conjuncts the Sun at 15:17 Aries creating the New Moon in Aries. (Chart is shown on the website:

On Mar 20 we had the Full Moon in Aries on the very first degree of ‘action’ after the dissolving of our old reality as the Sun Transited Pisces. That Full Moon showed us something that was reaching a culmination (aka emotional peak) and we saw how we felt about the situation. Now we will see what new start we will have in the Aries area of our lives. Look to the House to see where your aggressive goals will be taking off. The House will show you the WHO you are dealing with.

At 7:50am the Sun reaches 15:25 Aries and Squares the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5 at 15:25 Capricorn.

Now you will get clear about what RAPID CHANGE FRESH START that Solar Eclipse brought to your life regarding career, public reputation and social status. We are at the midpoint of that Eclipse’s major energy to bring CHANGE across the axis of your life involving mom and dad, home and career, nurturing and discipline, land and authority. This is a Karmic axis and packs a powerful punch.

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