Personal Karmic Aspects – Apr 7

At 5:17am (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 20:06 Pisces Sextiled Saturn at 20:06 Capricorn.

This aspect and the next have already exacted and are separating now. Do you recall what ideas, thoughts or words this aspect involved? Mercury was last at 20+ degrees Pisces on Mar 19/20 while Retrograde. Something that you heard then may be getting finalized today. Or at least clarified in your conscious mind. You could have been dreaming about this as Mercury is in Pisces. For me I was lucid dreaming about a statement I need to write in response to events that occurred early Mar 20. Can you see what this aspect was for you?

At 6:10am the Sun at 17:18 Aries Semi-Sextiled Neptune at 17:18 Pisces.

Aspects with Sun and Neptune always show us something our subconscious mind has kept hidden from us. The Sun shines into Neptune’s fog and we can see what is happening there. The Semi-Sextile is minor, but productive. The Sun is helping us to set a new annual cycle of motivational goals, but linking it back to something Neptune has us working on behind the scenes or that Neptune has been dissolving. What is dissolving is making space for our new motivations.

On Friday the Moon and Sun Squared the Eclipse degree at 15:25 Aries. Now the Sun is aspecting Neptune, but will Square Saturn early Wed (Apr 10), Square the North Node in Cancer just after midnight on Fri (Apr 12) and Square Pluto early Sat (Apr 13). There is a LOT going on right now across the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the Sun in Aries is bringing out new motivations to get us through the current Eclipse cycle into the next Eclipse cycle that begins at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Jun 17 when we enter the Eclipse Wormhole. The first Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on Jul 2 at 10:38 Cancer. This week is showing us the waning 3 months of the Jan 5 Eclipse as we build towards the Jul 2 Eclipse. Changes to home and career areas are noticeable;)

At 8:18pm Mars at 5:07 Gemini Ses-Squared Saturn at 20:07 Capricorn.

We are motivated to communicate, drive or do community events with classmates, siblings, cousins and neighbors, but Saturn is cautioning us to keep our social reputation in mind as we do so. There is an adjustment here that will result in an ease. Career goals and local rumor mill need to both be kept in mind as we take action today in one area of the other. Saturn is going to sit at 20+ degrees Capricorn until he Stations Retrograde at 20:31 on April 30. So there is a major point of focus here for the next 2 months. Focus on going slow and working through any Karmic fear with integrity and keep your own authority in tact.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Monday.

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