Drive & Motivation – Apr 14

We have just made it through the T-Square of energies between the Cancer/Capricorn axis and Aries creating the T. If you still are not really clear about everything that has occurred and where things are going, we may need to wait for Mercury to Ingress Aries on Wednesday so our thoughts are ready to be acted on. Mars is leading the Personal Planets as he Transits Gemini and kick-starting communication and local travel. But our conscious mind, Mercury, is back in the deep waters of Pisces confusing us on the direction we need to go. Soon we will be better aligned with the clarity of Friday.

At 9:58pm (EST) on Saturday Venus at 22:01 Pisces Trines the North Node at 22:01 Cancer.

This is a nice, easy feelings to touch or nurture others. The Trine is a Transitional aspect you can take from 3D to 5D energy resulting in some magical outcomes. Venus in Pisces brings deep ease to all things related to beauty, values and resources.

At 9:40am on Sunday the Sun at 24:20 Aries Trines Jupiter at 24:20 Sagittarius.

Just one minute from his Direct Station, Jupiter is still very much on point with what his change in direction was emphasizing. How far take you take your optimism? How far does your benevolence reach? The Sun shows us goals we can set and actions we can take to APPLY the spiritual philosophy and global perspective Jupiter has been evolving within us. A very fortunate energy for adventure and seizing the moment spontaneously.

At 6:07pm the Sun at 24:40 Aries Semi-Squares Mars at 9:40 Gemini.

Mars rules the Sun in Aries so we have plenty of assertion going on here. We can SEE what is motivating us and initiate communication about it. We want to discuss things with others or set off to drive to meet up with someone who can help us better see our new goals.

At 7:51pm Venus at 23:08 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 23:08 Capricorn.

One minute from his Direct Station and 16 days away, Pluto is slowing down to emphasize this degree. The South Node is still in orb of a Conjunct to Pluto and stepping in to bridge any gap with Saturn as well. Venus has hidden desires and Pluto could be working with you or against you, but this aspect makes him work FOR you. For your desires. He would be happy to merge his resources with you today and possibly invest his money or himself in order to get closer to you.

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