Getting Square about Money – Apr 15

At 1:52pm(EST) on Monday Mercury at 28:13 Quintiles Mars at 10:13 Gemini.

A helpful aspect if you are still wrapping up your taxes! You will be motivated to complete them as you have the mental aptitude to bring them to a close. This can apply to other things besides taxes;) You could be dealing with a career issue if you are a Gemini Sun or early Gemini Rising. But you have a magical ability today to assert yourself. Mercury in Pisces is a Higher Mind energy for our conscious mind and the Quintile offers effortless syncing between our conscious (Mercury) mind and our subconscious (Pisces) mind. You will know what to ‘say’ or ‘write’ and won’t be afraid to initiate the conversation.

At 7:15pm (EST) Venus at 24:18 Pisces Squares Jupiter Rx at 24:18 Sagittarius.

While a Square it is not very harsh with 2 Healing Planets involved. Yes, we have some hidden desires that we may not be really sure about, but Jupiter’s energy allows us to rise above the fear and do the right thing. Touching someone is easier tonight. You can see how Karma has kept you from healing and make the effort to resolve the Karma through touch or use of your resources. Your values can deepen into a greater perspective.

You have likely sent off your taxes by now (if you’re in the US), but you can see how not hiding something around your assets serve your higher consciousness. You could possibly see how what is ‘yours’ is really ‘everyone’s.’

NOTE: Over the last few week Black Moon Lillith at 27+ Aquarius was Conjunct Damocles at 27+ Aquarius. This was some pretty crazy energy depending on how it hit your chart. Damocles is ‘high anxiety’ and BML is our 5D mind or Superhero Power. In Aquarius we have lightning fast CHANGE based on what is equitable and/or fair. If you were on a hot seat at this time and made a change you weren’t expecting, it could have been this Conjunction;)

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