Sun & Venus Change Signs – Apr 20

At 12:10am (EST) on Saturday Venus Ingresses Aries.

Moving the depth and dissolution of Pisces, we will now find ourselves acting on our desires. We are beginning a new cycle of our desires and may not even be fully aware of what they are, but our actions will begin to reveal that to us.

At 4:55am the Sun Ingresses Taurus.

Now we will begin to see what ‘seeds’ we need to plant for the next year’s growth. We will have the New Moon in Taurus on May 4 at 14:11 degrees. This will commence the actual planting of seeds in the ground. But with the Sun in Taurus we can begin to set goals for the planting and the harvest of our desires. We will SEE where our available resources are and what we actually have to work with. We will get CLEAR on what we value and desire. We will begin new beauty regimens and see ways to pursue beauty.

With Mars in Gemini, the Sun in Taurus and Mercury and Venus in Aries we are now fully in a new Personal cycle of newness that often accompanies Spring.

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