Pluto Retrogrades & Makes Some Magic – Apr 24

For the last few week Saturn has been in very tight orb of an Opposition to the North Node. It won’t exact until Tuesday, Apr 30, but you are already feeling it. Either career moves are easy or you are letting go of some social status in favor of something involving mom, home, family and land. It may feel like you have done this before as Saturn in aspect to the Nodes of Fate can bring up other life stories and events.

At 2:48pm on Wednesday Pluto at 23:09 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

Now those in authority, including ourselves, will have less strength. We will be reviewing the way we use our power and the way others’ use theirs. With Jupiter Rx still in orb of a Semi-Sextile that exacts again on May 9, we are seriously reviewing the types of authorities that serve our greater good and those that don’t. We are being philosophical about the use of authority which will help us to achieve more integrity in the ways authority is asserted. Pluto will Retrograde back to 20:38 Capricorn just minutes from Saturn’s Retrograde Station on Apr 29 at 20:31 Capricorn. As he exacts his Direct Station on Oct 3 he will be sitting at 20+ Capricorn for late August through Nov 10. We will be looking at the area that Saturn has us focused on right now. With Pluto’s Retrograde cycle, we will be very close to the energy of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction that exacts on Jan 12, 2020 at 22:46 Capricorn. Integrity in authority will become very important over the next year. With Jupiter’s help right now, we are seeing the big picture of our leadership styles and which work the best. Keep this lesson in mind with all of your actions towards authority, career and public status so you will be lining things up for their powerful Conjunction at the beginning of 2020.

At 6:16pm Venus at 5:09 Aries Quintiles Pluto Rx at 232:09 Capricorn.

This is a very nice aspect to have as Pluto is in the intensity of his Retrograde Station. We will be graceful in the way we assert ourselves and that will make working with an authority-type effortless. Our drive to acquire will meet with magical results of investment or financial or career support. Women could take a leading role in some career or public status move. Passion will be real received by some power-brokers or father-types.

Right now Venus, Mars and Pluto are in a Hand of Merlin aspect to each other. Mars will exact his Biquintile to Pluto early Friday morning. Venus Quintiled Mars on Tuesday. So if you are feeling some magical support from a benefactor or authority-type, this aspect is likely what is lifting you up;)

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