Saturn Opposite the North Node – Apr 30

At 4:22pm (EST) on Tuesday Saturn Rx at 20:31 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 20:31 Cancer.

This puts Saturn Conjunct the South Node. Anytime Saturn is Square or Conjunct the South Node we can expect to remember some past/other-life situations. The South Node SHOWS what our other lives have been about and Saturn is a Karmic Planet that rules the ‘structures’ of our Karmic lives. So you can see how you might be in the middle of some past/other-life situations.

The situations before you have something to do with your social status, public reputation, authority and career. All of this energy is a bit more complex at the moment with Pluto Conjunct the South Node and Saturn. This is adding intensity to the situations. It is calling us to integrity and deep intimate bonding if you can achieve the 5D expression of this energy. The 3D expression is Karmic fear from your other lives.

Saturn rules cancer, the skeletal structure, skin, nails and teeth. Whatever is going on in the health arena is tied to other-life experiences and fears. Look to the House where you have 20+ Capricorn to see WHO is evoking your Karmic fear.

Saturn Retrograde is now applying again to a Sextile to Neptune, our other Karmic Planet, in Pisces. This aspect is allowing some productive energies between our Karmic fears of ‘control’ (Saturn) and ‘escapism’ (Neptune). If you are with a Karmic ‘partner’ of some sort (as shown by House), then ask yourself who is playing the controller and who is avoiding. Which one are you playing? That may help you navigate moving forward.

But once Saturn Stations Direct and begins to Conjunct Pluto again this Fall, we can expect there to be much more to the story that plays out. This Fall Jupiter will Ingress Capricorn too which will ease some of the hard energies at work for career goals and social status.

On Jan 12, 2020 Saturn will Conjunct Pluto at 22:46 Capricorn. Integrity needs to be restored to our public spheres, our power sectors, our corporations, our banks and our political system. Jupiter will be the one bringing up legal matters for those who are not aligning to the energies ‘response-ably’ as Saturn would dictate and direct.

By next January the Nodes of Fate will be on 8 Cancer and out of orb of this powerful Conjunction. So the past-life story shouldn’t be a big issue by then. Though some of it will likely be revisited as Pluto Retrogrades back to 20+ degrees and Saturn returns to the same position as today.

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