Aggression, Leadership & Black Moon Lillith into Pisces – May 2/3

Thursday, May 2

At 5:51pm (EST) on Thursday Mercury at 23:08 Aries Squares Pluto Rx at 23:08 Capricorn.

Pluto is just one minute from his Retrograde Station so still very potent. Mercury in Aries is ruled by Mars so there is some aggression in our words with authority-types. A war of words anyone? The Semi-Square of Uranus and Neptune is just separating so there is some subconscious need for freedom that is still impacting us in other areas of our lives. A Square presents a challenge you will need to overcome or simply ride it out to see what happens. By Jun 19, Mercury will be cruising forward to Oppose Pluto… just 6-7 weeks from now. That means he will begin moving very fast to get through the next 90 degrees. Pluto is in a weakened state as he is Retrograde. So that could play into some personal advantage here over authority. But don’t stake your career on it. See what gets said and tuck away for down the road.

At 11:59pm Mercury at 23:34 Aries Trines Jupiter Rx at 23:34 Sagittarius.

This means Jupiter is again applying to a Semi-Sextile to Pluto but it won’t exact for another week, May 9. So for now enjoy a bit of ease after any challenge you may have had earlier.

Jupiter Semi-Sextile Pluto has been about reviewing leadership styles in our power areas of life: career, corporations, political, banking and all father-like areas. We really need to get this lesson straight around HOW our best leaders create a power culture we want to live in. Or how they have been misusing their power and Saturn will help us to hold them accountable. But you don’t know what is wrong in our political and public arenas if you can’t distinguish between leadership styles that serve the greater good rather than just themselves (Jupiter in Sagittarius). It is time to get philosophical about these matters.

Today Mercury may well express how your leadership philosophy is shaping up.

Friday, May 3

At 5:45am on Friday Venus at 15:26 Aries Squares the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5 at 15:26 Capricorn.

As the last Personal Planet to make this aspect Venus is going to show us some new desires around the RAPID CHANGE FRESH START of the Solar Eclipse. We have just 2 months from today until the next Solar Eclipse at 10:38 Cancer so its time to see what role our new (in Aries) desires are playing.

At 3:30pm on Friday Black Moon Lillith Ingresses Pisces.

This is a Transit that gives each of us a chance to experience the hardest Superhero Power of all probably. BML in Pisces or the 12th House makes an individual permeable to everyone else’s subconscious fears and phobias. They can’t block it out. Many don’t know this is a thing in their charts so this placement is their Kryptonite so to speak. But once they know, they can start to remove themselves from situations rather than go down with the energies. The final stage is to be able to take on everyone else’s issues without judgement so they can neutralize it or ground it (by burying it in the ground–like Christ in the tomb is a metaphor for). NOTE: The Bible is mythology of the cosmos just as the Greek and Norse legends and others are. You will have a chance to get familiar with this ‘curse’ over the next 8 months.

So if you feel your energy changing, look for the exit of where you are in order to keep yourself falling prey to the potential darkness. If you can, however, try to seek compassion which is non-judgment, no-fear and unconditional love. That way you are doing the highest expression of this energy.

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