Mars Opposite Jupiter – “Road Trip” – May 5

Sunday, May 5

The Moon is Transiting Taurus as we begin to align with the New Moon energies that synced our private life (Moon) with our public life goals (Sun) for the next month.

At 8:28am (EST) on Sunday Mars at 23:07 Gemini Quincunxed Pluto Rx at 23:07 Capricorn.

Your motivation to communicate or drive as adjusted to someone in a position of authority that slowed you down. Mars Biquintiled Pluto on Apr 21 and Mars’ actions were effortless and a magical result with this Pluto entity (or a different Pluto entity). On Jun 19 Mars and Mercury will both Oppose Pluto and that aspect is going to be something. See what clues your actions today can give you in seeing how to manage the Opposition.

At 11:18am Venus at 18:09 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 18:09 Pisces.

An easy aspect around you asserting some touch. It should be well-received. Or maybe you want to use your resources to help another and that is also well-received.

And everyone will get along!

At 5:57pm Mars at 23:23 Gemini Opposes Jupiter Rx at 23:23 Sagittarius.

One of the nicer Oppositions if you don’t overdo. Here you are motivated for achievement and your actions should be just the right thing to do. You are likely to get to where you want to be and have some wonderful energy exchange as well. If you are looking to connect with a sibling, neighbor, cousin or classmate, you will both have a wonderful time. “Road trip!” is another great way to enjoy this Opposition;) Other people involved will be shown by the Houses where these 2 Planets are Transiting in your Natal Chart.

Just before midnight the Moon Ingresses Gemini to join Mars there in a few days.

Monday, May 6

At 2:10pm Venus at 19:30 Aries Squares the North Node at 19:30 Cancer.

Acting on your desires will cause a bit of a dilemma of which axis of the Nodes you are focused on: North Node is asking you to do family and the South Node is making career easy to do or also helping you to let go of some of that stuff so you can more easily do family. But Aries energy is about the self and you have your personal desires fired up right now so the Square will cause you to look at your actions in light of your family and public areas of life.

At 2:25pm Mercury Ingresses Taurus.

Our words will become less passionate and fiery and emphasizing fixed ideas instead. You will feel more grounded and in touch with Earth matters. You will want to talk about your garden, your money, your ideas for acquiring money and your beauty treatments. Values will be involved in all that gets communicated. In Aries you tend to approach others but in Taurus they will find you approachable.

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  1. I have Mars opposition Jupiter in my own chart, Taurus/Scorpio houses 5/11. If it wasn’t for my Capricorn ascendant and Saturn first house, I think I’d be far more headonistic than I am. Great piece.

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