Earthy Goals & Plans on Friday – May 10

All of the aspects made on Friday (EST) come from the Sun and Mercury in Taurus. This is the month of Taurus and so we are setting goals for what we are planting to provide provisions for ourselves and we are making plans for follow-through.

At 2:42am (EST) the Sun at 19:20 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 19:20 Cancer.

Almost at the Quarter Moon (Moon will Ingress Leo in a bit) we have the Sun working on sowing the ‘Fresh Start’ of the New Moon on May 4. What goals do you set or sense at the New Moon? The Sun is working on these goals and getting clear and the North Node is helping us to align our goals with the Soulful need to nurture family, land and mom. Yes, we want to acquire things, beautiful things and to lively abundantly, but without family goals as well, what joy will these objects bring? Mother’s Day is at the Quarter Moon with the Moon in Leo. Make it a day about HER.

At 6:30am the Sun at 19:30 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 4:30 Aries.

A bit of irritation around insecurity or lack of motivation (Chiron in Aries) that is impacting our goals to sow seeds and acquire. But go into gratitude and you will come through this without skipping a beat. Chiron is showing us the wounding that those with their Natal Chiron in Aries suffer with. Yes, they can have trouble initiating anything from time to time. It is something they must accept. And today is a great day for you to accept any struggles you have around getting out of bed, or tending your garden. Accept it for today.

At 11:18am Mercury at 7:21 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 19:21 Cancer.

Now our words and plans can magically materialize and bring us into alignment with the Soulful purpose of Cancerian energies. We can make plans and discuss it easily with family and those we are working with to build a garden of sustainability.

From one tree comes many

At 6:56pm Mercury at 7:58 Taurus Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 22:58 Sagittarius.

Here Mercury will take his effortless plans before the judge of Jupiter and see if it weighs up legally with our new spiritual philosophy. Taurus can be ‘mine, mine, mine’ energy, but Jupiter is keeping us focused on the global picture that extends beyond our own garden. Yes, Taurus is the time to plant, but the infinite potential of all the seeds that come forth from each item that grows is where Jupiter wants us to focus. There was a story I used to use in a Direct Marketing business I was in. One business man described what a beautiful big oak tree he saw when looking at an acorn. The other guy listened and when the first guy finished he said, “I see an entire forest.” That is the difference between Taurus and Sagittarius. So adjust your conscious mind to see beyond the ground right under your feet and come to see the many gardens that can come from just one.

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