Integrity of Philosophy, Power & Acquisition – May 13

At 11:59am (EST) on Monday Mercury at 13:24 Taurus Semi-Squares Mars at 28:24 Gemini.

Some irritation around our desires and our motivation to talk about them. You, or someone else, could come across too forcefully in what they are trying to say. Mercury in Taurus is fixed ideas and Mars in Gemini can be all over the map acting on changeable ideas. Mars is going off in many directions and Mercury is standing still. There is the irritation.

At 2:27pm the Sun at 22:43 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 22:43 Sagittarius.

Part 1 of the Sun moving through the ‘Leadership Styles’ review with Jupiter and Pluto in Semi-Sextile. Jupiter just exacted their 2nd Semi-Sextile on Thursday at 23:06 of their respective Signs. Now the Sun is showing us how to apply these various styles, or our preferred style, to the way we earn a living, or to what we value.

Sun in Taurus is fixed goals, desires and values and Jupiter is revising our global/philosophical view of things. With any luck, Jupiter will create the need for adjustment to our goals so that we can actually accomplish more.

At 11:07pm the Sun at 23:04 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 23:04 Capricorn.

Just a few minutes from his Retrograde Station, Pluto is getting our attention around this degree. On the night of his Retrograde Station on Apr 24, both Venus and Mars creating a Hand of Merlin with Pluto as Venus Quintiled Pluto and Mars Biquintiled Pluto. On May 2 Mercury Squared him from Aries and Venus Squared on Thursday (May 9). So now we have the Sun giving us more clarity here around the ways we use our power or someone else is using their authority over us. But the Trine is a Transitional aspect you can ride from 3D to 5D so this clarity could be very helpful.

Over the next 8 months we will need to really get clear around how our public authorities should be operating and that means we need to apply our ‘Leadership Style’ personally as well. We can’t expect our father-like authorities to be the only ones accountable to good leadership. Integrity is Pluto’s highest vibration. We need to see how we ‘acquire’ or ‘earn a living’ may be causing us to violate our spiritual philosophy. We need to be okay with earning a living that doesn’t come at the expense of others in some way. Integrity of philosophy, power and acquisition.

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