All About the Desires, Resources, Beauty & Values – May 18/19

Saturday, May 18

At 1:03am (EST) on Saturday Venus at 3:24 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:24 Pisces.

Venus moves through the Semi-Square between Uranus and Neptune over the next 12 hours. We will be looking at our desires in light of any subconscious angst the Semi-Square can cause. Do you have a fear of lack? A fear around your beauty or love? Anything nagging you in the back of your mind? Well you may be hesitant to touch someone and not really understand why, but that is a typical feeling when there is a ‘hard’ aspect between Venus and Neptune.

At 1:48am Mercury at 23:01 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 23:01 Capricorn.

Any angst shouldn’t last too long as this aspect exacts offering an ease between our beauty, love and resources and those who may be our benefactors. Loving words that encourage merging can replace the irritation between Venus and Neptune. You have a window here to enjoy a great rapport with authority types. Or you could hear about some new ideas for earning a living or planting seeds of some type.

At 12:17pm Venus at 3:59 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 3:59 Taurus.

Now the other half of the Semi-Square gets energized. Here we can have a sudden change of heart about our desires, our resources and our beauty or values. We may find ourselves attracted to something unusual. Or we may have a revelation about feelings that surprise us. Philanthropy is possible. Socializing may be called for. Either way there is some shake-up to your usual Taurean area of life and it may feel freeing when it hits you. Where you thought your desires were Fixed, as in Taurus Fixed Earth, you may see something disruptive pop up and shake you out of a rut.

Fixed Water and Fixed Earth in Opposition

At 5:11pm the Moon at 27:39 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 27:39 Taurus creating the Full Moon in Scorpio.

The Moon in Scorpio is probably the most challenging placement for a Natal Moon. Scorpio is Fixed Energy and the most loyal Sign of the Zodiac for this reason. Taurus is Fixed Earth and so there is something unchanging that is being realized about your feelings today. Familiarity is valued with this Full Moon. You know that you know someone because Scorpio looks deeply into anything and doesn’t just take the surface answer. Nothing at face value. Its all deep merging or nothing else. You’re all in or you’re not in at all. With this Full Moon you can KNOW/SEE who you LOVE/have feelings for. You are reviewing your feelings about love itself and what you value and you will be taking this forward to the New Moon in Gemini on Jun 3.

Sunday, May 19

At 6:09am Venus at 4:53 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 4:53 Aries.

A minor, but helpful and healing type of aspect. You will be able to assist someone who is feeling insecure. You can reassure someone who is feeling unmotivated from their insecurity. You may be doing all of this for yourself as well. Venus is revved up as she separates from Uranus with new desires to act upon. Chiron in Aries isn’t going to slow her down for the moment. She has a healing touch for any difficulty.

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