Desires & the Superior Conjunction at 0:13 Gemini – May 20/21

Monday, May 20

At 2:47pm (EST) Venus at 6:32 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 18:32 Cancer.

An effortless energy between our desires for beauty, resources, luxury and touch and a Soulful sense of family. Moms could be held in high esteem today. We will want to reach our to family members and offer resources where they are needed. Our values and the way we acquire our own resources will align with providing with our families, mom or the land. If you live in your ‘hometown’ you will be so grateful for all the ways the land has nurtured you and your needs.

At 11:20pm Venus at 6:58 Taurus Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 21:58 Sagittarius.

Here Jupiter will want to open up our values to include more than just family and our own hometown. Jupiter will adjust our spiritual philosophy to include foreign places, long-distant places and all those who may have different perspectives than we do. We need to adjust our concept of abundance to embrace everyone being provided for. Seniors, college students, spiritual leaders and astronomers have a place in the way we value our world. While Venus and Taurus are Fixed Earth, we have learned many things about provision and acquisition to provide our basic needs by the global exchange of goods, services and ideas. It is unlikely you will feel this big a picture idea today, but it is part of parcel of this general message.

Tuesday, May 21

At 3:59am the Sun Ingresses Gemini.

Now our goals will go from personal desires to communicating within the community and making plans for local gatherings. We will get clear on our local transportation needs and communication with siblings, cousins and classmates.

At 6:52am Mercury Ingresses Gemini.

In his own Sign, Mercury will be truest to form. We will all likely be talking more and preparing to sign agreements and contracts.

At 9:07am Mercury at 0:13 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 0:13 Gemini creating the Superior Conjunction.

The ‘Planet’ above is Mercury in the Superior Conjunction with the Sun

This initiates a new cycle of Mercury and the Sun that lasts roughly 165 days. On the first degree of Gemini, we will have thoughts, ideas and communication coming through all day. It is one of 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with real time (Sun). So what gets expressed today is closest to reality. Mercury will not be Retrograding over through Gemini so there will be no revision over the next few weeks. He is moving fast, though, in preparation for his upcoming Retrograde cycle that will begin on Jul 8 at 4:28 Leo. Between now and then he will be speeding through both Gemini and Cancer. So words and communication will be moving at a fast pace for the next few weeks.

As Mercury expresses his ideas, the Sun will be following along behind him offering clarity to what has been said and thought.

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